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How Storyblocks Built a New Class of Event-Driven Microservices with Confluent

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In many ways, Storyblocks’ technical journey mirrored that of most other startups and disruptors:

  • Start small and simple
  • Grow rapidly
  • Experience growing pains and realize the need for another way of doing things

For Storyblocks, that “other way” was modernizing their monolith by fully decoupling their microservices with Apache Kafka® and Confluent Cloud.

Join us on June 6th for a fireside chat with Chas DeVeas, former director of engineering at Storyblocks. We'll explore the story of how Confluent enabled his team to modernize their monolithic architecture which resulted in:

  • Significantly reduced technical debt and TCO from REST APIs
  • Vastly improved data visibility, and collection
  • Reduced time needed to both address production bugs, and create an event pipeline to power new use cases around machine learning and AI

Bring you questions along for a live Q&A session with Chas and our experts!

Helpful resources -

Pre-built ksqlDB Recipes -


Charles “Chas” DeVeas

Engineer, Eppo (and former Director of Engineering at Storyblocks)

Bharath Chari

Team Lead, Solutions Marketing, Confluent

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Additional Resources

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