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Unleash cutting-edge GenAI with a data streaming platform. Build RAG use cases with real-time, contextual and trustworthy data for your LLMs, vector databases, and GenAI applications.

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How to Scale RAG and Build More Accurate LLMs

A look at streaming RAG architecture and how to contextualize prompts in real time with domain-specific information so that patterns seen as most likely by LLMs actually align with the truth.

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Building Real-Time AI Copilots with Confluent, Azure OpenAI, and Azure Data Services

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GPT-4 + Streaming Data = Real-Time Generative AI

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4 Steps for Building Event-Driven GenAI Applications

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Real-Time AI Use Cases

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Virtual Travel Booking Agent at Elemental Cognition

Combining LLMs with Confluent data streaming and Elemental Cognition's deep reasoning platform makes it possible to accelerate and improve critical decision-making in complex, dynamic situations.

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Live Ecommerce Recommendations with Confluent and Rockset

AI projects can only be successful with fresh and accurate data. Real-time data streaming powers in-the-moment recommendations for user engagement during livestreams.

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AI Service Chatbot at Penske

Learn how Penske is using the power of data streaming and AI to drive better customer experiences, including maximizing fleet uptime for its trucking customers.

Why Confluent Data Streaming Platform

Build a real-time, contextualized, and trustworthy knowledge base for your GenAI applications. 

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Continuously capture and share real-time events with AI systems and applications.

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Integrate disparate data from any environment with 120+ pre-built and custom connectors.

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Use Flink stream processing to enrich data with real-time context at query execution.

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Use data lineage, quality controls, and traceability to ensure data for AI is secure and verifiable.

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