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How Data Streaming Elevates the Omnichannel Customer Experience

Hear how Thrivent brought mainframe customer data into a real-time streaming platform so customers get a frictionless omnichannel experience. Systems integration partner, Improving, will discuss how they helped Thrivent speed up this data transformation journey.

Memulai dengan Apache Kafka® dan Streaming Data Real-Time

Dalam seri dua bagian ini, Anda akan mendapatkan ikhtisar tentang apa itu Kafka, kegunaannya, dan konsep inti yang memungkinkannya mendukung platform streaming acara real-time yang sangat skalabel, tersedia, dan tangguh.

Discover Vimeo's Secret that Revolutionized How the World Makes, Shares, & Experiences Videos

Learn from Vimeo on Creating Better, Faster Real-Time User Experiences at Massive Scale From batch ETL with a 1-day delay to building streaming data pipelines, learn how Vimeo unlocked real-time analytics and performance monitoring to optimize video experiences for 260M+ users.

Delivering the Most Cost-Efficient Service with Kora Engine

Demo Webinar: Explore Kora Engine, Enterprise Clusters, and more in our Q3 Confluent Cloud Launch.

Data Mesh: From Concept to Implementation

In this webinar, you’ll learn about best practices for building a data mesh from analyst Michele Goetz, the principles for building better data pipelines for a data mesh architecture and how streaming pipelines helped Lumen implement a data mesh and architect a democratized data marketplace.

Getting started with Apache Kafka® and Real-Time Data Streaming

In this two-part series, you’ll get an overview of what Kafka is, what it's used for, and the core concepts that enable it to power a highly scalable, available and resilient real-time event streaming platform.

Experience Serverless Stream Processing with Apache Flink® on Confluent Cloud

In this webinar, you'll learn about the new open preview of Apache Flink on Confluent Cloud, a serverless Flink service for processing data in flight. Discover how to filter, join, and enrich data streams with Flink for high-performance stream processing at any scale.

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