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Created by the original creators of Apache Kafka, Confluent brings a wide array of talks with leading technologists and industry experts.

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How to Optimize your SIEM Platforms with Confluent

Learn how to modernize your SIEM architecture for higher throughput, lower latency, and more cost efficiency. You’ll also be able to run the demo and explore a series of hands-on labs for yourself and dig into the technical details.

Connect, Process, and Share Trusted Data Faster than Ever

This demo webinar will provide everything you need to get started with the latest updates to Confluent Cloud, our cloud-native data streaming platform.

Data Mesh: From Concept to Implementation

In this webinar, you’ll learn about best practices for building a data mesh from analyst Michele Goetz, the principles for building better data pipelines for a data mesh architecture and how streaming pipelines helped Lumen implement a data mesh and architect a democratized data marketplace.

Maximize Streaming Data Quality with Stream Governance

Learn how to ensure high data quality, discoverability, and compatibility for your real-time data streams on Confluent Cloud using Stream Governance. Confluent’s Stream Governance team will demo the latest features and enhanced capabilities, along with showing how you can upgrade in a few clicks.

Building an Event-Driven Architecture? Here’s 5 Ways to Get It Done Right

Tune in to discover how you can avoid common mistakes that could set back your event-driven ambitions—and how Confluent’s fully managed platform can help get you where you need to be faster and with less operational headaches.

Why Your Fraud Detection and Security Tools Need Data Streaming

In this webinar you will hear from industry experts on how real-time data streaming is advancing fraud detection and driving smarter decision-making across the Financial Services industry.

Modern Practices for Agile Data Mesh Architectures

Learn the benefits of data mesh, how to best scale your data architecture, empower real-time data governance, and best practices from experts at Confluent and Microsoft.

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