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Data in Motion & Apache Kafka® Use Cases for Financial Services

Hear how Apache Kafka® and the Confluent Platform are designed to solve problems associated with traditional systems and provide a modern, distributed architecture and Real-time Data streaming capability.

Build your real-time bridge to the cloud across hybrid environments with Confluent Platform 7.0

In this webinar, we'll introduce you to Confluent Platform 7.0, which offers Cluster Linking to enable you to leverage modern cloud-based platforms and build hybrid architectures with a secure, reliable, and cost-effective bridge between on-prem and cloud environments.

Event-Driven Architectures Done Right

Kafka is now a technology developers and architects are adopting with enthusiasm. And it’s often not just a good choice, but a technology enabling meaningful improvements in complex, evolvable systems that need to respond to the world in real time. But surely it’s possible to do wrong!

Data in Motion & Apache Kafka Use Cases for Retail and eCommerce

Join Lawrence Stoker, Senior Solutions Engineer at Confluent, who will walk through the data in motion use cases that are re-inventing the retail business.

Migrate and modernize your data warehouse with AWS and Confluent

Today, with Confluent, enterprises can stream data across hybrid and multicloud environments to Amazon Redshift, powering real-time analysis while reducing total cost of ownership and time to value.

Innovate Faster with a Real-time Hybrid and Multicloud Data Architecture

This webinar will address the problems with current approaches and show you how you can leverage Confluent’s platform for data in motion to make your data architecture fast, cost-effective, resilient, and secure.

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