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Discover, understand, and trust your data streams

Safely scale and share data streams across your business with Stream Governance, the industry’s only fully managed data governance suite for Apache Kafka® and data in motion.

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Stream Quality

Deliver trusted, high quality data streams and maintain real-time data integrity with explicitly defined data contracts and schema management for your streaming data.

Schema Registry

Define and enforce universal data standards that enable scalable data compatibility

Schema Validation

Verify, on the broker side, that messages use valid schemas when assigned to a specific destination topic

Schema Linking

Share schemas across cloud and hybrid environments that sync in real time

Data Quality Rules

Create customizable rules to enforce data semantics and avoid data quality issues

stream quality

Stream Catalog

Increase collaboration and productivity with self-service data discovery that enables teams to classify, organize, and find the data streams they need.

Data Portal

Discover and explore data streams and seamlessly request access via a self-service interface

Metadata Tagging

Organize and protect data by adding tags, descriptions, and business metadata to topics

Flexible Access

Access a central, organized library of data through a self-service UI, REST API, or GraphQL API

Data Enrichment

Consume and enrich data streams, run queries, and create streaming data pipelines directly in the UI

stream catalog

Stream Lineage

Quickly understand complex data relationships and uncover more insights with interactive, end-to-end maps of data streams.

Graphical Maps

Explore end-to-end visual maps of your streaming data pipelines

Search Nodes

Search across lineage graphs and inspect data streams from source to destination

Historical Insights

Uncover historical insights and root-cause analysis with point-in-time lineage views

Single-click Export

Download, export, and share lineage maps of your cluster

Stream Lineage

Unlock new capabilities with Stream Governance Advanced

Stream Governance Advanced significantly expands the suite of data governance capabilities on Confluent Cloud and enables teams to share data streams faster without bypassing controls for data quality or compliance.

  • Essentials

    Governance fundamentals for getting started.

    Schema Registry

    • 99.5% SLA
    • 100 included schemas

    Stream Catalog  

    • Data Portal
    • Auto-technical metadata ingestion
    • Metadata tags
    • Cloud UI & REST API

    Stream Lineage

    • Real-time lineage
    • Live metrics and metadata inspection
  • Advanced

    Enterprise-grade data governance and visibility for production workloads.

    Schema Registry

    • 99.99% SLA
    • 20,000 included schemas
    • Data Quality Rules

    Stream Catalog  

    Essentials features PLUS:
    • Business metadata
    • GraphQL API

    Stream Lineage

    Essentials features PLUS:
    • Point-in-time lineage
    • Search the lineage graph

"Running a modern bank serving fast growing enterprises requires data in motion we can trust. Schema Registry allows us to provide customers with reliable, real-time experiences for tasks like loan processing while we maintain focus on furthering innovations. We’re excited about new discovery capabilities within Stream Governance which will enable us to expand data in motion across teams and operate like a truly event-centric business."

Andreas Piefke
Head of Cloud Architecture
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