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Break data silos with real-time connectivity

Quickly connect data systems and apps with Apache Kafka® leveraging a rich ecosystem of 120+ connectors built by the Kafka experts.

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Connect your entire business faster

With thousands of open-source connectors across a vast ecosystem of data stores, message queues, and APIs, Kafka Connect is the open standard for integrating data to/from Apache Kafka. Confluent takes Kafka Connect further by offering 120+ pre-built connectors with enterprise-grade security, reliability, and support, the largest such portfolio in the market.

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Save valuable development cycles

Free your teams from writing generic integration code and managing connectors to focus on building real-time apps.


Avoid the ~3-6 engineering months of design, build, and test time required for each connector.

Fully managed

Launch in minutes without perpetual operational overhead, reducing your total cost of ownership.

Custom connectors

Bring your own connectors for custom apps and let us manage the Connect infrastructure.

Enterprise-grade security & support

Power mission-critical workloads with private networking, 99.99% uptime SLA, RBAC, and expert support.

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Modernize your tech stack

Easily build streaming data pipelines using connectors to bridge legacy systems to modern, cloud technologies.


Accelerate and de-risk your migration from legacy databases to cloud-native ones with CDC connectors.

Data Warehouses

Stream real-time data into cloud data warehouses so data teams work with the latest information.

Data lakes

Populate your data lakes and simplify your data architecture by decoupling data sources and sinks.

SaaS apps

Connect all of your SaaS apps so that data from any part of the business is available for all to use.

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Boost developer productivity

Streamline your workflow by leveraging built-in connector usability and data transformation features.

Single Message Transforms

Perform lightweight in-flight transformations like masking or filtering from within the connector.

Data Preview

Iteratively test connector configurations by previewing its output before deploying in production.

Logs & Metrics

Monitor connector health and debug faster with full visibility into connector log events.

Stream Designer

Rapidly build, test, and deploy streaming data pipelines visually using a graphical canvas.

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“Confluent provides exactly what we dreamed of: an ecosystem of tools to source and sink data from data streams. It's provided us not only with great data pipeline agility and flexibility but also a highly simplified infrastructure thats allowed us to reduce costs.”

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Dima Kalashnikov
Technical Lead
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