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Professional Services

Professional Services provides expertise and tools that help Confluent Customers accelerate streaming platform adoption and achieve successful business outcomes

The event streaming platform for Apache Kafka

  • Expertise

    • Consulting from the company founded by the original developers of Apache Kafka®
    • Best practices embedded throughout our engagements and tools
  • Drive faster time to value

    • Accelerate your business outcomes
    • Decrease the time it takes to reach self-sufficiency

The following maturity model outlines the common growth phases inherent in adopting event streaming technologies.


Learn Kafka
Understand streaming
  • Architecture & design workshops
  • Specialized workshops
  • Platform deployment


Go To Production
Set up secure Kafka and build your first app
  • Business continuity design workshops
  • Platform deployment
  • Resident consulting engagements


Solve a critical need
Monitor and manage mission-critical solutions
  • Application workshops
  • Health checks
  • Version upgrades
  • Cloud migration
  • Resident consulting engagements


Break silos
Infrastructure & applications across LOB’s & deployment
  • Custom scoped projects
  • Resident consulting engagements


All data in motion
Self-service on shared Kafka
  • Custom scoped projects
  • Resident consulting engagements

How we work

Our flexible engagements span your adoption journey from workshops to get you started to long-term residency options.

How we engage:

  • Advisory services: We review in-depth and point you in the right direction
  • Residency engagements: We overlay your team to inject best practices and drive toward the desired outcomes, together

Residency consulting engagements

A team of Confluent experts to help accelerate business outcomes

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