Introducing Confluent Cloud™

Introducing Confluent Cloud™

Apache Kafka™ as a Service. A Way to Liberate Developers.

Finally, Effortless Kafka Has Arrived.

Confluent Cloud™ is a hosted and fully managed Apache Kafka™ as a service in the public cloud. Deployed in minutes, it is the ideal streaming data service for the cloud-first developer on a mission or the operations-starved organization.

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Confluent Cloud™ Enables You To...

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Confluent Cloud™ will be shipping as a generally available service later this year. If you’re really excited about trying it out on your application, we’re accepting early access candidates now.

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Get an overview of this new Apache Kafka as a Service offering from the Kafka experts. Learn how to build robust, portable and lock-in free streaming applications using Confluent Cloud in this on-demand online talk.

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