Apache Kafka® as a Service

Confluent Cloud™

A resilient, scalable streaming data service based on Apache Kafka,
delivered as a fully managed service.

Finally, Effortless Kafka Has Arrived

Confluent Cloud™ is a fully-managed streaming data service based on open-source Apache Kafka. Engineers who want to build streaming applications can easily get started with a fully-built Kafka cluster and related services. Deployable in minutes, it is the ideal service for applications that require very low latency and the ability to scale.

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Unleash Developer Velocity

As a developer, you want to build applications, not infrastructure. You love Apache Kafka, but managing infrastructure is slowing you down. With Confluent Cloud, eliminate the operational burden of Kafka and start developing in minutes on a simple, resilient, and secure cloud service. Unlike proprietary services, Confluent Cloud offers the same open-source Kafka APIs that you know and love - giving you access to the vibrant Kafka ecosystem. Unleash developer productivity and focus on what matters most—velocity!

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Deploy on Leading Public Clouds

We’ve partnered with the leading public cloud providers to deliver a scalable, globally available service. Deploy Confluent Cloud close to your cloud-hosted applications and your preferred cloud services. Run your streaming data service on the industry’s largest, most trusted cloud platforms.

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Build a Bridge to Cloud

Stream data from your on-premises Confluent cluster to Confluent Cloud to build a hybrid cloud data pipeline. Or, stream data between public clouds and make your data available in real-time across any cloud to use the best services for any job.

Set Down That Ops Burden

The only thing harder than troubleshooting or building a distributed system is operating it at scale. Experience the joy of not managing your own Kafka brokers. Just hit go on Confluent Cloud and get your Kafka service running in minutes. Maximize uptime and service levels with the deep operational experience of the original creators of Kafka.

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Confluent Cloud is the easiest way to harness the performance of 
a streaming platform
without the burden of managing it yourself.

All Cloud Plans Include


  • Kafka brokers
  • Non-disruptive upgrades
  • Storage compaction
  • Exactly-once guarantees
  • Encryption (at rest and in motion)
  • Confluent Schema Registry(1)
  • Kafka Connect(1)(2)
  • Confluent REST Proxy(1)
  • Control Center for Cloud(1)
  • KSQL(1)
  • Streams API(1)


  • SOC-2 Type II(3)

Cloud Providers

  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Amazon Web Services
(1) Currently available as self-managed components of Confluent Platform i.e., compatible with Confluent Cloud, but require customer management to deploy, upgrade and maintain. Planned future availability as fully-managed service in Confluent Cloud.
(2) All Confluent Connectors are compatible with Confluent Cloud.
(3) Coming soon on Google Cloud Platform.


Designed for development and engineering teams. Get your streaming platform up and running in minutes.


Prices starting at $0.55/hour

  • Scale

    • Throughput maximums (per cluster)
      • Write 5 MB/s
      • Read 5 MB/s
    • Number of clusters supported
      • Unlimited
    • Data retention maximums
      • 30 days
  • Availability

    • Uptime SLA
      • Best effort
    • Multi-zone availability
      • Single zone only
  • Support

      • Community
  • VPC Peering

      • Not available
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Designed for enterprise environments. Stream data at scale without the operational burden.


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  • Scale

    • Throughput maximums (per cluster)
      • Write 1 GB/s
      • Read 2 GB/s
    • Number of clusters supported
      • Unlimited
    • Data retention maximums
      • Unlimited
  • Availability

    • Uptime SLA
      • 99.95%
    • Multi-zone availability
      • Up to 3 zones
  • Support

      • Gold support
      • 24x7 access
      • 1-hour response time for critical problems
  • VPC Peering

      • Optional
  • Learn More

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