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Build Streaming Data Pipelines Visually

Fast-track building pipelines powered by Apache Kafka® using a graphical canvas that’s extensible with SQL.

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Point. Click. Done.

Supercharge your productivity and build pipelines in minutes leveraging the full power of Confluent Cloud.

Complete Visual UI

Use a graphical canvas to speed through development - no boilerplate code needed.

High Performance

Experience low latency and massive scale with no additional runtime layers.


Visualize common stream processing operations as pre-built pipeline components.


Easily connect your data sources and sinks with 70+ fully managed connectors.

Stream Designer Point Click Diagram

Unlock a Unified View

Seamlessly modify and extend your pipelines throughout their lifecycle as requirements evolve.

SQL Round Tripping

Switch between the UI and built-in SQL editor with changes reflected both ways.


Add new data systems or edit stream processing logic with just a few clicks.

Built-in Troubleshooting

View built-in alerts and pipeline validations to get instant feedback for testing.

Enterprise-Grade Security

Leverage RBAC to manage pipeline permissions for security and compliance.

Stream Designer unified view diagram

Accelerate Real-time Initiatives

Easily share and reuse pipelines and collaborate with DevOps integrations on an open platform.

Export Pipelines

Download pipelines as SQL code for CI/CD workflows or to share as a template.

Quick Start

Reuse an existing Kafka topic, launch a use case recipe, or bring your own SQL.

Multi-user Support

Simultaneously edit the same pipeline with others for improved collaboration.

Cloud Service

Build pipelines without infrastructure setup or taking on operational burdens.

Stream Designer real time diagram

"Data streaming is quickly becoming the central nervous system of our infrastructure as it powers real-time customer experiences across our 12 countries of operations. Stream Designer’s low-code, visual interface will enable more developers, across our entire organization, to leverage data in motion. With a unified, end-to-end view of our streaming data pipelines, it will improve our developer productivity by making real-time applications, pipeline development, and troubleshooting much easier."

Enes Hoxha
Enterprise Architect
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