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Breaking Batch: Why data streaming is essential to your data strategy

Real-Time Data =
Real-World Business Value

Read the “2023 Data Streaming Report: Moving Up the Maturity Curve” and see how IT leaders are driving up to 10x ROI with data streaming.

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Reality Is Real-Time, So Why Isn’t Your Data?

When you harness the power of real-time data streams, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Learn how our data streaming platform will transform your business.

Learn How to Put Data Streaming to Work

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“At Snap, my team has a strong focus on providing timely insights that help inform a lot of product decision making. To power some of our decisioning systems, we needed a framework that can efficiently run billions of events per day. Data streaming made sense as a foundation for our platform because it’s innately designed for large scale real-time data collection and delivery. With real-time data pipelines, we can iterate quickly and enable a better user experience.”

-Srikanth Thiagarajan, Head of Data and Insights, Snap Inc

Real-Time Enterprises Run on Confluent

Instacart Scales to serve

90% of Global 1000 will use data streaming by 2025, according to IDC. See how Instacart used Confluent Cloud to cost-effectively serve hundreds of thousands of new customers over a six-week period.

(IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Future of Intelligence 2023 Predictions, Doc # US49733822, October 2022)

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The Streaming Era Has Arrived

Hear from Jay Kreps on how the streaming era has arrived and how this new ecosystem is poised to unite operational databases, SaaS apps, and analytics systems as a 4th major data estate.