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Real-time data integration for any cloud, on any scale

Confluent allows you to leverage all your data with seamless, pre-built data connectors. Ingest data from any systems, applications, and devices in real-time, at any scale, from any environment regardless of format, volume, or complexity. Integrate data across your organization to unlock powerful insights, real-time analytics, metrics, and monitoring across hundreds of sources.

Data Integration - the Key to Success

Confluent allows you to connect to, access, leverage and combine data from systems, applications and devices across your organization and customers in real-time, at any scale, and from any environment regardless of data format or complexity. Modernize, connect, and integrate data across your organization to unlock new, real-time insights and business value.

Why a Data Integration Solution?

Data integration provides easy, fast connections between all your applications and data stores for a unified view of your business. From data integrity and instant data availability, to powerful business insights and greater efficiency, a sound data integration strategy is the first step to success for any data-first organizations.

Challenges Unifying Real-Time Data

Today, applications, data stores, and systems have become more distributed than ever, yet massive volumes of data are produced every second, making it more challenging than ever to derive timely, meaningful insights. At the same time, rigid data architectures slow organizations down, forcing them to spend too much up front on resources they don’t use, and causing lag or downtime across their apps.

Leverage Streaming Data Integration

Confluent leverages the power of Apache Kafka and over 100 connectors on enterprise scale. Confluent offers stream processing and real-time ETL to empower relevant, timely analytics and business intelligence applications, handling millions of real-time events per second while maintaining data integrity.

How Confluent Can Help

Confluent delivers continuous, real-time data integration across all applications, systems, and IoT devices, unifying data that is normally too large or complex for traditional ETL or data integration tools.

Real-Time Data and Analytics

Access real-time data as it's generated without sacrificing data quality, consistency, or security. Get powerful real-time insights, and analytics in milliseconds, unlocking new business value and new customer experiences

Instant Data Integration

Updates and historical data from all corners of the business available in one place for analytics and insight independently of each other


Free up engineers and IT from endless monitoring, configurations, and maintenance. Save on development costs and improve organizational efficiency

Infinite Scale

Scale your data infrastructure to meet and manage current, future and peak data volumes

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Connect to data regardless where it resides - on-prem data silos, cloud services, or serverless infrastructure

Broad Connectivity

Scalable, fault-tolerant data import and export to over a hundred data systems

Integrate data in minutes, not months

Forgo the hassles and limitations of legacy ETL tools. Confluent's streaming platform includes a vast pre-built connector ecosystem, APIs, and libraries. Automate streaming data pipelines, integrate data, build stream processing systems, and event-driven applications to unlock new business value. From event streaming and SIEM, to real-time banking and website activity tracking, Confluent powers modern, real-time businesses at scale.


Pre-Built Data Connectors

100+ pre-built connectors spanning the entire ecosystem of data systems - from SaaS platforms to apps, devices, and databases.

Schema Registry

Enforce consistent data formats and enable centralized policy enforcement and data governance by allowing applications to share metadata across numerous dimensions


ksqlDB makes it easy to adopt a complete, robust stream processing and data transformation capabilities via an accessible and familiar SQL interface.

Infinite Scale

Easily scales your data infrastructure to meet and manage current, future and peak data volumes without the hassles of setup, configuration, or operational burden

Multi-Cloud Flexibility

Connect to any data regardless where it resides - on-prem data silos, cloud services, or serverless infrastructure

Broad Connectivity

Import, export, and combine data across over a hundred data systems. Get a unified view of your data with seamless scalability, security, and fault-tolerance.

Use Cases

Risk Reduction

Relate and analyze real-time events with historical data across silos to quickly identify and act on potential security risks

Customer 360

Centralize key events across a myriad of data sources in real-time for accurate, up-to-date customer data to provide the most valuable, relevant customer experience


Get valuable up-to-the-millisecond insights across every device, application, and data store with real-time data flow and streaming integration pipelines.

Why Customers Love Confluent

Manu Mukerji

Senior Director of ML, AI, and Analytics

Kafka is the right solution for us. It’s the de facto standard for streaming analytics, and it gives us massive horizontal scalability in a multi-tenanted environment. Confluent Platform meets our high standards for compliance, security, and resiliency. We confidently selected Kafka to address our mission-critical customer requirements.

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