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Discover Vimeo's Secret that Revolutionized How the World Makes, Shares, & Experiences Videos

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

10 AM PDT | 1 PM EDT | 10 AM BST | 10:30 AM IST | 1 PM SGT | 3 PM AEST

When it comes to video platforms, user experience is king. Video creators and viewers expect a rich toolset and highly engaging platforms that cater to their needs and interests in real time, with zero buffering or other performance hiccups. Add to this sheer scale—hundreds of millions of users, a hundred billion views to date—and data pipelines become vital for ingesting and processing real-time data.

To meet high customer expectations, leading all-in-one SaaS platform Vimeo needs to have access to real-time data from multiple sources across their organization. That’s where Confluent’s data streaming platform and streaming pipelines come in.

Tune in to hear from Vimeo’s Director of Data Engineering Babak Bashiri and Principal Data Platform Engineer Burton Williams, about how they implemented a streaming data architecture that plays a critical role in driving user growth. You’ll learn about:

Real-time data warehousing for real-time analytics:

  • From batch ETL with a 1-day delay to building streaming data pipelines to a cloud data warehouse—learn how Vimeo unlocked real-time behavioral insights for 260M+ users. Vimeo’s team can quickly adapt and pivot in-product interactions, experiments, and marketing campaigns so users get enjoyable, personalized experiences.

Real-time monitoring and adaptive bitrate streaming:

  • Data Streaming enables adaptive bitrate streaming where the video quality dynamically adjusts based on the viewer's network conditions. By monitoring real-time data on network bandwidth, latency, and other parameters, Vimeo can optimize the video quality to match the viewer's available resources, ensuring smooth playback even in fluctuating network conditions.

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Babak Bashiri

Director of Data Engineering, Vimeo

Burton Williams

Principal Data Platform Engineer, Vimeo

Anna Gege

PMM, Solutions Marketing, Confluent

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