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Simple, Serverless Stream Processing

Easily build high-quality, reusable data streams with the industry’s only cloud-native, serverless Apache Flink® service, fully integrated with Apache Kafka® on Confluent Cloud across all three major clouds.

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Real-time Data Requires Real-time Processing

Stream processing is a prerequisite of the data streaming stack, powering real-time applications and pipelines. By joining and enriching data streams in-flight, stream processing enables greater data portability, optimized resource utilization, and improved customer experiences.

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Filter. Join. Enrich.

Effortlessly filter, join, and enrich your data streams with Flink, the de facto standard for stream processing.

Real-time Processing

Power low-latency applications and pipelines that react to real-time events and provide timely insights

Data Reusability

Share consistent and reusable data streams widely with downstream applications and systems

Data Enrichment

Curate, filter, and augment data on-the-fly with additional context to improve completeness, accuracy, and compliance


Improve resource utilization and cost-effectiveness by avoiding redundant processing across silos

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Serverless Experience

Enable high-performance and efficient stream processing at any scale, without the complexities of infrastructure management.

Fully Managed

Easily develop Flink applications with a serverless, SaaS-based experience instantly available and without ops burden

Elastic Scalability

Automatically scale up or down to meet the demands of the most complex workloads without overprovisioning

Usage-based Billing

Pay only for resources used instead of infrastructure provisioned, with scale-to-zero pricing

Continuous, No-touch Updates

Build using an always up-to-date platform with declarative, versionless APIs and interfaces

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Kafka + Flink, Unified

Experience Kafka and Flink, unified as a complete data streaming platform.

Enterprise-grade Security

Secure stream processing with built-in identity and access management, RBAC, and audit logs

Stream Governance

Enforce data policies and avoid metadata duplication, leveraging native integration with Stream Governance


Ensure the health and uptime of your Flink queries in the Confluent UI or via third-party monitoring services


Connect to and from any app and system with 70+ fully managed connectors

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“Stream processing is critical for identifying and protecting against security risks in real time. With Confluent’s fully managed Flink offering, we can access, aggregate, and enrich data from IoT sensors, smart cameras, and Wi-Fi analytics, to swiftly take action on potential threats in real time, such as intrusion detection. This enables us to process sensor data as soon as the events occur, allowing for faster detection and response to security incidents without any added operational burden.”

Vinay Krishna Patnana
Engineering Manager at Cisco Meraki