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Easily convert your Kafka topics to Apache Iceberg tables

Convert streaming Kafka data and associated schemas to Apache Iceberg tables in one click to feed any data warehouse, data lake, or analytics engine

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Topics to tables in a single click

Materialize Kafka topics effortlessly into Iceberg tables for seamless integration into your data ecosystem, simplifying data management and accessibility

Tableflow Topics to Tables

Extend Confluent's data streaming platform to Apache Iceberg

Leverage Stream Governance and serverless Apache Flink to clean, process, or enrich data in-stream so that only high-quality data products land in your data lake

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Leverage Iceberg with our partner ecosystem

Expand possibilities with collaborative partner integrations and expertise to feed your real-time data into any data lake or warehouse of your choice

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Automate data maintenance & optimization

Continuously optimize read performance with file compaction, maintaining efficient data storage and retrieval by consolidating small files into larger, more manageable ones

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Tableflow is currently in private early access.

Learn more and apply to be considered for the early access program.


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