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Success Stories

Real-Time Enterprises Run on Confluent

Albertsons logo - customer testimonial


See how Albertsons migrated from messaging queues to Confluent Cloud to enable real-time inventory management, delivery, and a hyper-personalized loyalty platform.

Featured Event Streaming Case Studies

Global leaders, innovators and enterprises are powered by Confluent's real-time data streaming platform. Read full use cases and success stories in finance, transportation, health care, and more.

10x banking

10x Banking leverages Confluent to help traditional banks modernize their legacy architectures with the power of data in motion.



8×8 Powers Real-Time Contact Center Analytics with Confluent.

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ACERTUS Integrates Real-Time Data Across Three Distinct Businesses with Confluent Cloud

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Affin Hwang Asset Management

Affin Hwang Asset Management is on a fast track to maximizing value by putting more of its data in motion.

Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions

Learn how Alight Solutions embarked on an initiative to align their internal organization with its next-generation digital strategy.

Amway logo


With annual sales of more than $8B, Amway is the world’s largest direct selling company.



AO.com Delivers a Hyper-Personalized Retail Experience for Its Customers with Confluent.