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Why 10x Banking Chose Confluent to Power its Digital Core Banking Platform

Our mission is to make banking 10x better for banks, for customers and society. To do that, we need a cloud native data streaming platform that is also 10x more reliable and 10x more performant than Apache Kafka

Mark Holt | Chief Product and Engineering Officer at 10x Banking
10x banking


Building great customer experiences requires an agile, digital core. But large banks have found it difficult to make these experiences happen with their legacy infrastructure and technology. 10x Banking is on a mission to help banks shift away from legacy systems to cloud-based technology, but needed its own scalable and reliable event-driven microservices-based digital core to make this happen.


With Confluent Cloud, 10x Banking made banking 10x better for banks and customers, and society—via the creation of a cloud-native streaming platform that underpins 10x’s core banking platform. The platform uses modern software development techniques to iterate and innovate quickly, go-to-market at record speeds, and provide hyper-personalized customer experience.


  • 10x better customer experiences
  • Increased agility and faster time to market
  • A scalable, resilient, and highly available platform
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • Reduced total cost of ownership with simplified management

Using Confluent, 10x Banking built an event-driven architecture where they could flexibly add services—and evolve its SuperCore® banking platform (which runs on AWS) in a more flexible way.


Banks that are slow to modernize core systems face greater competition from digital disruptors that have begun to woo away large chunks of the client base of traditional banking players. 10x Banking is on a mission to change this by making Tier 1 banks as agile and digitally disruptive as their digital-native competitors.

When 10x started to build its core banking platform to further this effort, it recognized the need to use a microservices-based architecture for the platform and leveraged Confluent Cloud to help build this new architecture. The result? 10x designed a powerful core banking platform without draining valuable internal resources.

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