Confluent Enterprise Subscription

Enterprise-grade Streaming Platform

Confluent Enterprise is the Confluent distribution of Apache Kafka® and is “Apache Kafka for the enterprise,” containing all of Kafka’s capabilities and enhancing it with integrated, tested and packaged features that make architecting and managing large scale streaming pipelines easier and more reliable. An Enterprise subscription also includes support at a service level agreement suitable for your needs.


Multi-datacenter replication

  • In a multi-cluster or multi-datacenter environment, it is now easy to set up secure replication and maintain data pipelines in different geographical locations with centralized configuration.
  • As a result, Kafka clusters in each datacenter are synchronized so applications and configurations in separate datacenters are in sync.
  • Learn more about Multi-datacenter replication.
Auto data balancing
  • Confluent Enterprise improves resource utilization and reliability by automatically balancing data between Kafka servers in a cluster.
  • Users experience a lower probability of failures or impaired performance within Kafka environments, a more efficient and productive Kafka operational team, and the ability to add nodes more easily.
  • In addition, enterprises can now scale clusters across environments.
  • Learn more about Auto data balancing.

Cloud migration capability

  • Businesses can use Confluent Enterprise to create a stream to the cloud or back and synchronize cloud clusters with on-premises clusters.
  • This capability, based on Confluent replication, gives organizations more freedom to transition to their desired cloud strategy.
  • Learn more about the advantages of this capability.

Confluent Control Center

  • Confluent Control Center (C3) is a management tool that gives operators the visibility and operational strength to manage a Kafka environment using a web-based interface.
  • Users can perform end-to-end monitoring of data streams as well as configure and monitor Kafka Connect.
  • Learn more about Control Center.


Confluent employs some of the world’s foremost Apache Kafka experts, and that expertise shows in the level of support we can provide. The subscription offers a scaling level of support that is appropriate for your streaming environment.

Our Enterprise subscription is offered at a range of service levels, which can include:

  • 24/7 support
  • Access to the Confluent Knowledge Base
  • Response times as fast as 30 minutes based on SLA
  • Full application lifecycle support from development to operations
  • Emergency patches not yet included in the open source Apache distribution

The subscription plans map both to the size of the environment supported and the level of support (e.g., speed of response) required. Confluent provides both operational and development support.

Get Started

Once you’ve decided that you are ready to license Confluent Enterprise, the first step is to have us assess your organization’s needs. Based on that assessment, we will recommend any training and consultancy you need to be successful with your Kafka implementation.

We also recommend including a hands-on, teacher-led training if you have an operational or developer team who will be responsible for the long-term performance and maintenance of your streaming pipelines. Learn more about Training.

In addition, Confluent offers a wide range of Professional Services engagements. Learn more about our Services.

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