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Transform your database with data streaming and Confluent

Accelerate your database and move to the cloud by connecting multi-cloud and hybrid data to the cloud database of your choice in real-time. With Confluent, enterprises can use our cloud native Apache Kafka service to significantly reduce the complexity and cost associated with building real-time applications in the cloud using the database of your choice.

Benefits of Real-Time Database Modernization with Confluent

Scale real-time data processing with Confluent across any environment and database.

Reduce the TCO of hybrid and mulitcloud data pipeline

Build real-time data pipelines in the programming language of your choice so you can connect hybrid and multicloud data to your cloud database faster.

Power new apps with next generation data streaming

Build on an open platform, powered by Apache Kafka, to increase throughput and reduce latency for real-time data applications or dashboards.

Get more data to and from your database

With 120+ connectors and cluster linking, enterprises can connect any app or data source no matter where it lives.

You are in good company


Streamline and automate previously static processes with data in motion

We estimated that our next generation architecture—enabled by Confluent and running on Azure—would enable us to save $500,000 per month while achieving a 10% efficiency improvement

Chris Varro, Senior Managing Director, Systems Development


Google + Confluent power faster digital transformation

After moving to real-time streaming on a cloud-based modern architecture, we can now deliver new features and capabilities to our customers and know that they won’t be slowed by an outdated architecture.

Jason Mattioda, Head of Enterprise Platforms & Data Engineering


Administrative overhead reduced by 10x with Confluent

We’re removing technology barriers and getting data to the teams that need it faster, and that’s enabling us to take advantage of new opportunities and implement new customer experiences

Brian Hart, Vice President ABO & Customer Solutions

How does Confluent help you modernize your DB?

Easily modernize your database by powering streaming ETL pipelines with Confluent

Connect all distributed data

Break data silos and easily connect your database to popular sources and sinks using Confluent’s 120+ pre-built connectors

Simplify and accelerate migration

Process data in flight with ksqlDB and use our fully managed service to enrich or transform your data before inserting into the cloud database

Connect data from anywhere

Seamlessly link on-prem and multicloud data all together in real-time to create a consistent data layer across your business with a persistent bridge to the cloud.

Connection data streams

Why Database Modernization?

There is unprecedented growth in the volumes of data being generated, and it’s essential for businesses to be able to contextualize and harness the value of their data in real time. On-prem databases are slow and rigid, which is expensive in terms of both upfront and ongoing maintenance costs, and as a result, limit the speed at which businesses can scale, experiment, and drive innovation.

Today’s organizations need scalable, cloud-native databases for improved agility, elasticity, and cost-efficiency. With modern databases, companies can focus on building new, real time applications with ease instead of spending time and resources patching, maintaining, and managing their database. Real-time data streaming powered by Kafka makes it possible to move data reliably at scale while keeping data systems online during the migration through streaming ETL pipelines instead of batch-based processes.

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