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Amway Accelerates U.S. Digital Transformation with Confluent

Every new system that we connect with Confluent raises the value of the entire network exponentially. Not only can our teams move faster because our systems are decoupled, but we’re also getting more value out of our data because it’s moving, not waiting in a database to be processed in batch. That’s our new mindset: extracting even more value from data that’s in motion.

Brian Hart


Replace a tightly-coupled legacy IT architecture that slowed the delivery of new capabilities to customers and independent business owners.


Use Confluent and an event-driven architecture to set data in motion and enable teams to work with greater independence.


  • Millions of dollars in cost overruns avoided
  • Continuous quality assurance on critical IBO bonuses achieved
  • Multiple transformational projects completed
  • Maximized the impact of IT teams

With annual sales of more than $8B, Amway is the world’s largest direct selling company. The company’s nutrition, beauty, personal care, and home products are sold in more than 100 countries through Amway Independent Business Owners (IBOs) around the world.

To ensure that IBOs always have the information and tools they need to drive sales, Amway IT and business solutions teams place a high priority on modernizing their digital footprint and moving fast to deliver needed solutions on tight schedules. The company’s legacy IT architecture, however, was not well aligned with this priority. Amway launched a modernization initiative, powered in part by data in motion with Confluent, that is enabling teams to deliver faster and with greater autonomy. The new architecture has already paid dividends at Amway on an initiative that combined two large-scale efforts running in parallel: a major omnichannel commerce implementation and a multiyear ERP program.

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