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Confluent for Gaming

Set data in motion to power real-time game experiences your players love.

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Real-Time Gaming Infrastructure

Scalable, reliable data infrastructure is key for improving gaming experiences and creating new monetization strategies. A hit game can produce billions of events per day. Embedded within those data points are insights that can transform the game into a sustainable long-term success.

Confluent's data streaming platform empowers you to stream and process real-time data to build better games faster, create an immersive and engaging gaming experience, and scale your games to match global player demands.

Why Confluent

Build a flexible and scalable data foundation, centered around streaming, to make your data products continuously interoperable in real-time for any use case.

Build reusable data products

Combine data from anywhere with a decoupled, immutable event-driven architecture and in-stream processing

Stay fast at any load

Scale your operations to effortlessly to handle trillions of messages per day with no compromise to performance or uptime

Eliminate data inconsistencies

Maintain data contracts, prevent duplicates and guarantee consistency with zero data loss

Get AI-ready

Train ML models with real-time data that’s always streaming so your applications can act on every event with context and intelligence

Govern data end-to-end

Whether you’re creating a system of record for FINRA or complying with ISO 20022 standards, ensure integrity and confidentiality of data in motion

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Use Cases with Confluent

Build Immersive and Engaging Experiences with In-Game Telemetry

Analyze player interactions with real-time in-game telemetry and adjust critical elements and gameplay. Stream process data in real time to build leaderboards, analyze player profiles and personalize experiences with loyalty programs and incentives.

Increase Monetization with Real-Time Insights

Offer in-game purchases in real time with in-game advertising and cross-promotions. Combine data across all your systems and telemetry and integrate with 3rd-party providers to provide a seamless integrated experience for billing and payments.

Detect Fraud and Mitigate Cyber Risk in Real Time

Aggregate data to analyze risk factors and patterns and power machine learning algorithms in real time to detect fraudulent activity, fake profiles or abusive behavior. Integrate into modern cloud-based services for data visualization and reporting.


J.P. Morgan
JP Morgan Hall of Innovation
Morgan Stanley
Morgan Stanley CTO Innovation Award
Insurance industry - Bank of America award
Bank of America Recognition For Enterprise Technology Innovation
Insurance industry - Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Award
Credit Suisse Disruptive Technology Award
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