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Customer 360°

With the growing number of sensors, devices and ways of interacting with a brand, getting a single view of a customer’s activity is extremely difficult. And yet critical to both growth and competitiveness.

Most business applications have been designed to process a handful of interactions such as a customer profile update, processing an order, support call tracking, or website clickstream collection. But only by viewing the output of all of these specialized systems can a holistic picture of a customer and their activities be assembled.

Achieving Insights with the Data is Complicated

While many companies have resorted to collecting all the data and dumping it in a lake, that method doesn’t guarantee useful insights. Once the data is collected, there is still complicated work to be done to condition it to deliver those insights.

Customer Experiences Need to be Real Time

Brands and companies have the most to gain if they can react to insights in real time. It can enable new revenue streams, higher efficiency and faster sales cycles through recommendation engines, in-store offers and customer service communications triggered by events recorded on the event streaming platform.

Effective Customer 360° Projects Have:

Confluent offers a data in motion platform upon which you can unite all your systems, data sources, and applications into a global, scalable, event-driven architecture.

Real-time Data

When user data flows through an event streaming platform, it can be persisted in one or more systems of record, compared to other events across this user profile, other user profiles, or other trends to respond in real time with event-driven applications.

No Silos

Large enterprises form silos. It’s natural. Only by understanding that, and having our architecture adapt to that, can we effectively gather a single source of truth.


Event-driven applications create automated, highly-scalable responsiveness for the modern, digital enterprise. As new information is collected, even in the form of trillions of new data points per day, a customer 360 platform can create unprecedented value—even reshape entire industries.

A Central Nervous System for Customer Data

What has been missing in the architectural puzzle is a data in motion platform. Notably, it’s low-latency performance and ability to consolidate different streams into a single view of customers that is updated continuously in real time. By providing a common standard for organizations to share, process and distribute data, data in motion platforms can help to maximize positive customer interaction and engagement.

Placing a data in motion platform at the heart of a business enables the discovery of new business opportunities. By both centralizing data across the company, and simultaneously distributing it to every application or system, new insights can reveal unexpected ways to build new revenue sources.

Why a Data in Motion Platform Helps

Establish a single source of truth: a data in motion platform can connect sensors, systems and applications that are generating data every second to create a single combined view of every prospect. This makes it much simpler to leverage the right tool for the task at hand.

Stream Processing Delivers Accurate, On-the-Fly Insight

When events stream, companies need to run processes against data in motion. Stream processing executes continuous processes in real time that are fast enough to put in front of your users, taking action on user-generated events as they occur.

Real Time at the Center of Your Business

With streams of real time events, businesses don’t worry about delivering information when it’s not relevant anymore. Always be on top of the activity and manage next actions appropriately with a highly available distributed system you can rely on.

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases for a 360o view of your customers

Understand User Behavior with Clickstream Data

Analyze Customer’s Online Journey

Build Customer Loyalty Schemes

Create Geolocation Alerts and Promotions

Why Customers Love Confluent



“RBC is a people business. As a financial institution, it’s always about our customers and we’re humbled by the fact that we are entrusted to hold their money. To manage that well, we focus on developing products and services that reflect how customers want us to interact and support them. Kafka is so much more efficient and stronger than what we were using before, and Confluent brings a lot more value to the way we build apps.”

Mike Krolnick, Head of Engineering, Enterprise Cloud, RBC

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