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Building the Future of Omnichannel Retail

The pandemic made e-commerce more critical to retailers’ business models than ever. Retailers responded with new omnichannel services like curbside pickup, contactless returns, and AI-powered personalized experiences.

At the same time, omnichannel retailers have been accelerating their move to the cloud. According to a Global Retail Industry Digital Transformation study by Fujitsu, about 39.8% of retailers surveyed are increasing their overall technology budget, with 37.8% mentioning communication, networking, and cloud as the focus.2

But the cloud alone isn’t enough. To succeed, retailers must unify data scattered across point-of-sale, e-commerce, ERP, and other systems. Without integrating all of this data in motion—and making it available to applications in real time—it’s almost impossible to deliver a fully connected omnichannel customer experience.

Our ebook Building the Future of Omnichannel Retail explains how harnessing data in motion can make all the difference. Confluent with Google Cloud helps you:

  • Adopt hyper-advanced personalization techniques powered by AI
  • Make fulfillment truly omnichannel, more nimble, and cost-effective
  • Reduce inventory costs with stock-outs or excess stock and optimize your warehouse space through real-time inventory insights
  • Streamline e-commerce operations

Ready to start building the future of your retail business? Read the ebook today.


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Additional Resources

cc demo
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