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Confluent for Startups

Making real-time data real easy for startups

Deploy the power of Apache Kafka® while maintaining the speed and agility that early-stage businesses need. The Confluent for Startups program combines a free year* of Confluent Cloud alongside technical support to get you up and running with our simple, fully-managed service.

Cloud Native

Sign Up for Confluent's Data Streaming Startup Challenge

Confluent's Data Streaming Startup Challenge is a global competition for early stage startups to showcase their innovative data applicaitons that use Confluent. Startups will compete for up to $1M in investments funding from Confluent, marketing exposure, and will pitch to venture capitalists interested in investing in real-time data streaming opportunities.   Accepted applications receive an additional $500 in Confluent Cloud Credits.

What We Can Provide

Fully managed data streaming platform

Do infrastructure right from the start, without the tradeoffs

The best infrastructure is easy to deploy today while providing the flexibility to grow into tomorrow’s needs. Confluent Cloud’s data streaming platform makes it simple for growing businesses to quickly deploy and reuse pipelines, while offering a direct path to the scale the world’s largest digital native companies need.

Rapidly connect any system or environment

Experiment and iterate faster with connectors

Confluent Cloud’s suite of fully managed connectors gives you a quick and easy way to connect your data into any cloud service, giving you the ability to experiment until you find the right tool for your use case. Together with Cluster Linking, which can link data across clouds, you can try any service, anywhere, and put vendor credits to work.

Technical support and advisory services

We’ll get you started, and keep you going

Confluent for Startups isn’t just a credits program. We’ll use our deep bench of Kafka and data streaming expertise to ensure you get off to a fast start, and we’ll give you the advice you need to tackle any challenge or architectural decision.

Program Benefits

Get up and running with the world’s best data streaming platform

One year of Confluent Cloud

Run Confluent Cloud's fully managed Apache Kafka service for up to one year* with free product credits

Expert technical support

Get moving fast with a two-hour session with a Kafka expert, $500 in developer support, training credits, and bi-weekly office hours

A Community for Startups

Get access to an exclusive community of other program members to push you through common infrastructure and business challenges

Get started right with Confluent for Startups

Fill out a 30-second questionnaire to submit your application

Learn more about our cloud-native data streaming platform, or take it for a test drive immediately

Start for Free Today

New signups receive $400 to spend during their first 30 days.

Product Deep-dive

Learn more about the benefits of our fully managed Apache Kafka service.

  • Based on the usage of a typical early-stage company. Actual approved credit amount is subject to the estimated consumption based on use case evaluation during the initial kickoff meeting, and will be released post meeting