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Supercharge your Cloud Data Warehouses and Data Lakes with Confluent

Take charge of your data with a shift left approach to processing, governance. Build fresh datasets that are trustworthy, discoverable and instantly usable so your teams can build new reports or analytics use cases.

Power your analytics with real-time data warehouses

Maintain high-fidelity data that’s continuously flowing, evolving, and being processed with real-time data streaming and in-flight processing.

Drive greater data trust and autonomy

Deliver ready-to-use, trustworthy data products by shaping it into multiple contexts on the fly and enable self-service search and discoverability for your your engineering teams.

Maximize the ROI of data warehouses and data lakes

Shift from cleaning and processing datasets over and over to cleaning and processing data once closer to the source. Reduce data quality issues by 40-60% and free up your data engineering team to work on more strategic projects.

Why Confluent

From fully managed connectors, change data capture (CDC), and continuous SQL-based processing, Confluent simplifies building streaming pipelines to cloud data warehouses to unlock real-time data for your data engineers.


Use Cluster Linking and any of the 120+ pre-built connectors to stream data from hybrid and multicloud sources to cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift, Synapse, BigQuery, and more. Migrate workloads from on-premises systems like Teradata or Cloudera at your own pace while providing teams with consistent, real-time data for analysis.


Build real-time views of your business metrics at scale. Use Flink to continuously join, enrich, and aggregate numerous data streams in-flight before it lands in cloud data warehouses.


Govern your streaming data to meet internal and external compliance while ensuring data quality for your cloud data warehouse. Spend less time wondering if you are looking at trustworthy data and more time building real-time analytics to drive insights for your business.

You're in Good Company

Data warehouse customer testimonial - Vimeo webinar

Optimizing real-time user experiences to drive growth

From batch ETL with a 1-day delay to building streaming data pipelines, learn how Vimeo uses Confluent Cloud to unlock real-time analytics and observability, to optimize experiences for over 260 million users.

iFood logo - data warehouse customer testimonial

Scaling real-time data for growing business needs

"With Confluent, every team, every microservice, every system can continuously act and react on the most up-to-date, enriched view of data the moment it's created, enabling us to meet the real-time needs of our customers."

Lucas Viecelli, Database Reliability Engineer

Sykes cottages logo - data warehouse customer testimonial

Snowflake + Confluent powering new customer experiences

“The business case for doing [streaming] is compelling. Based on our testing and projections, we expect at least 10x ROI over 3 years for this investment.”

Bob Pearman, Head of Data and Analytics

Picnic logo - data warehouse customer testimonial

Improving customer analytics and reducing infra costs by 40%

"[With Confluent], our machine learning developers and data scientists can now start to think about and work on in-stream data analysis and real-time models."

Dima Kalashnikov, Technical Lead

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