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Make your data warehouse real-time with Confluent

Accelerate your data warehouse migration and modernization with Confluent. With Confluent’s data warehouse modernization solution, enterprises can connect and migrate hybrid and multicloud data to their cloud data warehouse of choice to scale stream processing and power new real-time analytics.

Benefits of Modernizing with Confluent

Scale real-time data processing with Confluent across any environment and data warehouse.

Reduce the TCO of DW data pipelines

Build real-time data pipelines in the programming language of your choice so you can connect hybrid and multicloud data to your cloud data warehouse faster.

Unlock next gen event streaming at cloud scale

Build on an open platform, powered by Apache Kafka, to increase throughput and reduce latency for real-time data applications or dashboards.

Connect to any app or data

With 120+ connectors and cluster linking, enterprises can connect to more data and even across multiple DWs no matter where it lives.

You are in good company

Connecting on-prem data to the cloud

"We are currently in the process of moving our on-prem Teradata data marts to Google BigQuery, and we see a strong use case for Confluent Cloud with that move."

Michael Roseman, SVP and Chief Architect

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Snowflake + Confluent power new customer experience

“The business case for doing this is compelling. Based on our testing and projections, we expect at least 10x ROI over 3 years for this investment.”

Bob Pearman, Head of Data and Analytics

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Administrative overhead reduced by 10 with Confluent

“Being able to take data from our Kafka topics and ship it off to BigQuery with Kafka Connect has been particularly beneficial to us...”

Chirag Dadia, Director of Engineering

How does Confluent help you modernize your DW?

Connect on-prem and multicloud data, apps, and DWs to power real-time analytics.

Connect to any app or data

Access a library of 120+ relevant connectors like Snowflake, Redshift, BigQuery, Synapse, and more.

Process data in milliseconds, not minutes

Build materialized views, aggregations (e.g. windowing), and large scale table joins with SQL to reduce processing times from minutes to milliseconds vs. your DW.

Link hybrid and multicloud environments

Connect Confluent clusters across environments to link multiple DWs together and access real-time, distributed data no matter where it lives.

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Why Data Warehouse Modernization?

Cloud has drastically changed the data analytics space as organizations have decoupled storage from compute to power new analytics ranging from traditional BI to machine learning.

As organizations migrate their analytics data from existing on-prem data analytics platforms (Teradata, Cloudera, etc.) they are finding themselves landing analytics data in cloud based data warehouses (Snowflake, Databricks, BigQuery, Redshift, Synapse).

Modernizing your data warehouse and moving to the cloud doesn’t need to be a multi year lift and shift. With Confluent’s data warehouse modernization solution, enterprises can connect hybrid and multicloud data to their cloud data warehouse of choice to power new real-time analytics today.

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