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Event-Driven Microservices Communication

Microservices architectures enable organizations to evolve their systems away from slow, unresponsive shared-state architectures of the past. Confluent provides a data in motion platform for seamless data flow and real-time microservices communication between all your apps, systems, and data stores. Learn more about event-driven microservices architecture with the complete guide.

From Monolith to Microservices

Why Microservices?

Microservice architectures allow applications to be built as a collection of small, independent, autonomous services with asynchronous communication. Because they’re highly maintainable, lightweight, and testable, they provide the ideal architecture for agile, flexible, and scalable development across different organizational constraints.

Challenges with Microservices

A large application delivered as a network of small microservices requires real-time inter-service communication to function as a single application. As the number of microservices increases, this architecture becomes even more challenging, introducing requirements around continuous integration and delivery, scalability, and resiliency without increasing latency, network, and processing costs.

Effective Inter-Service Communication

While there are numerous microservices communication solutions, event-driven microservices provides the most seamless and decoupled separation of concerns, increasing the agility of your business while making your data accessible to customers and users.

A Scalable Foundation for the Event-Driven Architecture

Microservices architectures enable organizations to evolve their systems away from the slow and unresponsive shared-state architectures of the past.

Confluent provides an event streaming platform for incorporating data in flight into a lightweight, efficient, and responsive microservices architecture. Confluent is the backbone for event driven services.

Building Services using a Data in Motion Platform

Embrace Event-Based thinking with an infrastructure built to handle streaming events

Create a shared source of truth from event-stream datasets

Join and process events created by any service, in any location

Scale to support 1,000s of services

Get Seamless Event-Driven Microservices with Confluent

Confluent modernizes any system with an event-driven architecture. The second an event happens, services update data in real-time for seamless integration, data consistency, and scalable, responsive microservices orchestration.

Scale the Organization

Event-driven microservices architecture allows decoupled systems from different business units to work together with minimal coordination.


Free up engineers and IT from endless monitoring, configurations, and maintenance. Save on development costs and improve organizational efficiency.

Real-Time Event Streams

Facilitate real-time, inter-service communication and event streaming without sacrificing data quality, consistency, or security.

Modernize with Agility

Seamless inter-service communication between containers and applications help your org deliver maximum value without undue dependence on monolithic, legacy systems.

Broad Data Integration

Integrate data regardless where it resides - on-prem data silos, mainframes, cloud services, or serverless infrastructure.

Infinite Scale

Future-proof your infrastructure to meet and manage current, future, and peak data volumes with full security, resiliency, and scalability.

How Confluent Works

A single source of truth for all your services, data, apps, and systems

Application architecture is shifting from monolithic enterprise systems to flexible, event-driven approaches. With Confluent, real-time data can be consumed as continuous streams of data before they’re even requested. Confluent's ability to ingest, integrate, and react to in-stream events extends capabilities beyond other microservice communication, application integration, and streaming data platforms.

The Confluent Advantage

Cloud-Native Apache Kafka

A streaming platform that acts as a central nervous system for your entire organization. Leverage all-inclusive data streams and focus on business logic that generates value.

Schema Registry

Increase developer productivity and agility. Upgrade consumers and producers with new data formats while preserving existing contract agreements.


Scalable, elastic, fault tolerant, atomic and simple stream processing for microservices communications. Powerful in-flight data transforms ensure interoperability between services.

Apache Kafka for Microservices: A Confluent Online Talk Series

This three-part online talk series introduces key concepts, use cases and best practices for getting started with microservices.

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