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How ACERTUS Migrated from a Monolith to Microservices with ksqlDB

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Learn how Confluent Cloud and ksqlDB helped ACERTUS accelerate their path to $10 million+ in revenue by opening up new business opportunities and revenue streams.

ACERTUS was tasked with building an integrated end-to-end solution that incorporated all three of their business units. However, because each business unit had been operating as its own monolith, they needed to figure out an easy way to break down each of those monoliths into microservices.

How did they do it?

This online talk showcases how ACERTUS shifted their thinking from a synchronous, API-first mindset to one that is more asynchronous and oriented around event streaming. Join us to learn how ACERTUS leveraged ksqlDB to build new features and functionalities using SQL statements -- with no requirements to write application code for their stream processing solution. Learn how ACERTUS leverages Confluent Cloud and ksqlDB for their streaming data pipelines and microservices projects.

Register now to learn how ACERTUS used Confluent and ksqlDB to:

  • Create streaming data pipelines from any source with Confluent Cloud
  • Leverage ksqlDB to pre-process and transform data
  • Quickly build a platform that delivers real-time features such as push notifications for vehicle pick up
  • Utilize Kafka as the central nervous system for a new data mesh framework


Jeffrey Jonathan Jennings


Sophia Jiang

Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Confluent

Sophia Jiang is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Confluent, where she is responsible for leading go-to-market for key marketing campaigns and product-led growth strategies. Prior to Confluent, Sophia led the retail, CPG, and manufacturing GTM at MuleSoft.

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