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Build a digital-first government with data in motion

Power mission outcomes, better serve citizens, ensure security and compliance, enhance IT efficiency, and maximize productivity with a platform built for data in motion.

Government agencies understand that making smarter, more effective use of their data is critical to improved fiscal stewardship, accountability, public policies, program effectiveness, and mission success.

The Confluent event data in motion platform enables government organizations to unlock and repurpose their existing data for countless modern applications and use cases.

How Confluent Can Help

Responsive Citizen Engagement

Deliver faster, more personalized and responsive engagements with citizens and other agency stakeholders with event streaming.

Data Modernization

Transition data from being static to event-driven, from batch to real-time, from siloed to integrated.

Unlocking IoT

As the only streaming platform built entirely on Apache Kafka, Confluent is the ideal solution for unlocking the value of all IoT data.

  • Real Time Data Fusion & Correlation
  • Sensor Fabric
  • Smart Supply Chain

Security Operations

Securing your agency's data is critical. Confluent makes it possible to run Kafka as a central platform, streaming and securing your data to support the mission.

Situational Awareness

From public safety to tactical military missions, integrating and activating data in real-time can help your agency make better decisions, faster.

  • Command & Control
  • Readiness Reporting
  • Mission Planning
  • Law Enforcement

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases.

Detect and Analyze SSH Attacks Fast insight to improve

Detect a slow DDoS attack

Flag Abnormal IoT Devices

Integrate and Offload Mainframe Data

The Government Track at Kafka Summit On-Demand

Mission-Critical, Real-Time Fault-Detection for NASA

Mission-Critical, Real-Time Fault-Detection for NASA’s Deep Space Network using Apache

Rishi Verma, Manager, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Life is a Stream of Events

Life is a Stream of Events

Bjørn Kvernstuen and Tommy Jocumsen, Norwegian Directorate for Work and Welfare

Kafka Pluggable Authorization for Enterprise Security

Kafka Pluggable Authorization for Enterprise Security

Anna Kepler, Data Engineer/Manager, Viasat

Flattening the Curve with Kafka

Flattening the Curve with Kafka

Rishi Tarar, Northrop Grumman Corp

How USCIS Powered a Digital Transition to eProcessing with Kafka

How USCIS Powered a Digital Transition to eProcessing with Kafka

Rob Brown & Robert Cole, US Citizenship and Immigration Services

Enabling Insight to Support World-Class Supercomputing

Enabling Insight to Support World-Class Supercomputing

Stefan Ceballos, Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Government Track Welcome Address

Government Track Welcome Address

Jason Schick and Will LaForest, Confluent

Defensive Cyber Operations Panel: Stories From the Trenches

Defensive Cyber Operations Panel: Stories From the Trenches

Will LaForest, Confluent & Justin Clark, DoD & Jake Corrigan, VAE & Jac Noel, Intel

Building a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Confluent Kafka

Building a Modern, Scalable Cyber Intelligence Platform with Confluent Kafka

Jac Noel, Intel

Secure, Mission Ready Apache Kafka with Confluent

Confluent provides enterprise security features for Apache Kafka to be secured to the standards required for our Nation's defense. We understand what it takes to harden and secure our platform for accreditation and it is our goal to help our customers meet their mission securely.

Why Confluent

Accelerate application development, reduce operational burden and costs, fast track to the cloud and propel your businesses forward.

Unrestricted Developer Productivity

Democratize Kafka for a wider range of developers and accelerate how fast they build event streaming applications.

Efficient Operations at Scale

Minimize operational complexity while ensuring high performance and scalability as data streaming grows through your organization.

Production-Stage Prerequisites

Architect the platform with the foundational enterprise-level attributes needed to implement event streaming in production.

Freedom of Choice

Deploy Confluent on any cloud, on-premises, or at the edge.

Committer-Driven Expertise

Built by the original creators of Kafka, get Gold Support from the world’s foremost Kafka experts, who work directly with Kafka committers to assist you throughout the application development lifecycle.

Save Time and Money

Offload the burden of Kafka management, save on hardware, and automatically fine-tune your infrastructure to maximize efficiency and core business value.

Federal Data Strategy

Event Data Streaming - Closing the Gap Between Data and Mission

Event Data Streaming - Closing the Gap Between Data and Mission

Kafka, Bacon, and The Federal Data Strategy



Ask Me Anything: Kafka Q&A for Government

Watch this on-demand session to hear Kafka users in government ask the Confluent Public Sector team their burning questions as it relates to Kafka and their organizations.


Data Modernizations Impact on Citizen Experience

Government agencies know they must modernize their tools and processes if they want to launch modern, data-driven applications that advance their operations, citizen services, and mission success.


The Modernized Data Landscape

Jason Schick, Director of U.S. Public Sector for Confluent sits down with FCW to discuss how an event streaming platform is changing the way government agencies access data.


Building a Global Data Fabric with Apache Kafka

Building an Event Driven Global Data Fabric with Apache Kafka A global data fabric is an emerging approach to help connect mission to data across multiple locations and deliver uniformity and consistency at scale. Watch this webinar to learn how Confluent can help.


State & Local Government Technology Interview

Jason Schick, Director of U.S. Public Sector for Confluent, discusses how an event-centric approach to data unlocks the value of historical and real-time data across state and local agencies.

White Paper

Driving Data to USAF Software Factories with Mission-ready Kafka

In the move towards agile DevSecOps, older waterfall development methodologies must be overhauled and improved. The Air Force recognizes the advantage of being able to fail fast and rapidly iterate on new mission capabilities in order to best support the war fighter.


Healthcare at the Speed of Events

In this talk, we cover what event streaming is, and how Apache Kafka and Confluent are being applied and adopted in healthcare. We also discuss real world examples of how event streaming is helping shape healthcare: including managing benefits, sharing electronic health records, and combating pandemics.


Federal News Network Closing the Gap Between Mission and Data

Insights on Data from:

  • General Services Administration
  • NASA
  • Air Force
  • Federal Energy Regulatory
  • Commission

Using Confluent to Improve Nation’s Cybersecurity

While executive order 14028 is unquestionably setting the right direction, it brings with it challenges around cost, speed of delivery, and an ambitious scope of requirements that will confront all agencies. Read this paper to learn how Confluent can partner with you to build a cyber data fabric for a better cybersecurity posture.

Let’s Get Started

As founders and original creators of Apache Kafka, we’ve extended Kafka to create a truly secure, resilient and compliant data in motion platform that’s available across hybrid and multicloud environments.

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