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Data Streaming in Real Life: Public Sector

Data streaming and event-driven architectures are the go-to architecture patterns for 2023 across all industries. Still, different industries face different challenges and follow different trends, even though there are common ones that we find horizontally. This webinar series is designed to give a deep dive into the state of data streaming in a variety of industries, with examples from all around the globe.

This webinar explores how governments and public infrastructure sectors like defense, law enforcement, healthcare, public administration or tax, just to name a few, leverage data streaming for various use cases. Join us to learn more about:

  • what trends are shaping the public sector and how countries and governments are shaping a digital-first government with data streaming, sharing data across the public and private sector
  • how data streaming provides the ability to integrate and correlate data in real time with open APIs and a reliable, scalable and flexible platform - on-premise and in the cloud
  • which enterprise architectures are we currently seeing in the public sector across the globe

Kai Waehner, Global Field CTO and William LaForest, Field CTO Public Sector from Confluent explore general trends and how data streaming architectures are used, included smart city projects, citizen services, national security to continuously modernize and innovate. The session will feature real-life use cases and data streaming customer stories from customers like UC San Diego, Deutsche Bahn, Service NSW, NASA and many more.


Kai Waehner

Global Field CTO, Confluent

William LaForest

Field CTO, Confluent

Will LaForest is Field CTO for Confluent. In his current position, Mr. LaForest works with customers across a broad spectrum of industries and government enabling them to realize the benefits of a data in motion architecture with event streaming. He is passionate about data technology innovation and has spent 26 years helping customers wrangle data at massive scale. His technical career spans diverse areas from software engineering, NoSQL, data science, cloud computing, machine learning, and building statistical visualization software but began with code slinging at DARPA as a teenager. Mr. LaForest holds degrees in mathematics and physics from the University of Virginia.

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