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Confluent for Digital-native Enterprises

Your organization is already using Apache Kafka® to leverage the power of your events in real-time and innovate with speed and flexibility and bring new digital products to market faster.

Confluent delivers THE best Kafka experience, on-prem and in the cloud. Confluent simplifies the management of Apache Kafka® with an operationally resilient architecture to lower your TCO and do more with your event streaming platform.

Many Digital-Native Enterprises Use Confluent


How Confluent Delivers the Ultimate Kafka Experience

Save Time and Money. Future-Proof for Global Scale. Do More with Kafka.

Reduce Your TCO by up to 60%

Start free, pay only for the amount of Kafka you use and elastically spin up and spin down on demand. Make Kafka available for any budget or use case with scale-to-zero pricing.

Operate Reliably and Efficiently

Provide a consistent operational experience by automating the deployment of self-managed Confluent clusters. Minimize downtime and data loss by resolving issues before they happen and with guaranteed 99.99% uptime. Speed up issue resolution with streamlined Kafka support.

Build for Global Scale

Allow your event streams to travel seamlessly and securely between different clusters around the globe. Scale up and scale down to meet the needs of regional workloads. Replicate data across on-prem and multi-cloud deployments.

Scale as you grow

Start small without sacrificing any of the robust features needed to scale along with your business. Automatically optimize data placement to balance load and remove Kafka’s biggest bottleneck, Apache Zookeeper.

Multi-layer Security and Compliance

With robust security and compliance safeguards, protect your data from unauthorized access and security breaches with granular access controls and real-time monitoring. Minimize risk of security breaches and confidently stream with global privacy and regulatory compliance.

Fully Managed Across Any Cloud

Run on any cloud with just a few clicks and automatically size, scale, upgrade, and operate your cloud deployments. Simplify the procurement process for Confluent Cloud with direct access through the cloud marketplaces, seamlessly integrate with best-of-breed cloud services.

Embrace a Cloud-first, Not Cloud-only Strategy

Unify data across your deployments. Build a seamless and persistent bridge between on-premises and the cloud or between clouds. Eliminate point to point connections, replicate across regions and different clouds, connect into data systems in the cloud to build innovative cloud-native applications faster.

Retain Your Data Infinitely

Retain all historical and current events in Kafka as long as you want. Only pay for the storage you use. Maintain data compatibility with Schema Registry and enforce data integrity with Schema Validation. Scale from zero to 1 PB of data effortlessly with Confluent Cloud. Reduce storage costs up to 70% with tiered storage.

Build Streaming Applications Faster

Increase developer velocity to build streaming applications faster. Use pre-built expertly designed connectors from the Confluent ecosystem to combine data in Kafka with third party systems for a variety of use cases.

Explore Common Use Case Recipes

Go from idea to proof-of-concept with a toolkit of code samples for the most popular use cases.

Understand User Behavior with Clickstream Data

Analyze Customer’s Online Journey

Retrain a Machine Learning Model

Create Geolocation Alerts and Promotions

Why Customers Love Confluent



“Confluent Cloud made it possible for us to meet our tight launch deadline with limited resources. With event streaming as a managed service, we had no costly new hires to maintain our clusters and no worries about 24x7 reliability.”

Ravi Vankamamidi, Director of Technology at Expedia

Let’s Get Started

As founders and original creators of Apache Kafka, we’ve extended Kafka to create a truly secure, resilient and compliant data in motion platform that’s available across hybrid and multicloud environments.


Fully managed service

Fully managed, cloud-native service for Apache Kafka

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available everywhere your data needs to be.

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