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The Transformative Journey of Kafka in the Cloud at Expedia

Like so many organizations today— including perhaps yours— international travel platform Expedia Group is doing more in the cloud than ever before. The company that owns,, and other well-known travel brands has undergone a remarkable transformative journey with event streaming, taking advantage of a fully managed, cloud-native platform powered by Apache Kafka®.

Listen to this keynote from Kafka Summit 2020 to learn about the advantages of Confluent Cloud Expedia Group found with event streaming.


"We chose event-driven architecture as the core of our platform," says Ravi Vankamamidi, Director of Technology at Expedia, “for which we needed a messaging service that gave us all the guarantees… not to mention that it had to be extremely scalable, highly available, and simple to use.” Kafka hit all of these markers, and by using Confluent Cloud, Vankamamidi’s team was able to reduce the bottom line and operational burden.

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Ravi Vankamamidi

Director of Technology at Expedia Group

Confluent Cloud made it possible for us to meet our tight launch deadline with limited resources. With event streaming as a managed service, we had no costly new hires to maintain our clusters and no worries about 24x7 reliability.

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