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Confluent offers a cloud-native, complete data streaming platform available everywhere you need it. Our fully managed Kafka service enables you to implement real-time use cases quickly, securely, and reliably.

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Kafka + Disaster Recovery: Are You Ready?

Learn in this demo-driven webinar best practices for building a resilient Kafka deployment with Confluent Platform to ensure continuous operations and automatic failover in case of an outage.

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Transforming to a Modern Tech Stack with Cloud-native Microservices and Data Streaming

Check out our webinar with McAfee, where you’ll get first-hand insight into how the cybersecurity giant replatformed its architecture to reap the benefits of real-time data streaming with a fully managed cloud service.

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New with Confluent Platform: Zookeeper Removal, Data Quality Rules & More

Join this demo webinar to learn how our latest Confluent Platform innovations enable simplified Kafka operations, higher quality data streams, and resilient architecture across environments.

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What is Confluent?

Want to learn Confluent in under 10 minutes? Explore key features and discover what it means to be a cloud-native, complete data streaming platform that is available everywhere you need to be.

The Confluent Advantage

Learn how Confluent helps you unleash developer productivity, operate efficiently at scale, and meet all architectural requirements before moving Kafka into production. Experience why Confluent is the data streaming platform loved by Developers and trusted by Enterprises.

10x Apache Kafka® service powered by the Kora Engine: Image

Cloud Native: 10x Apache Kafka® service powered by the Kora Engine

Explore how Confluent rearchitected Kafka as the only cloud-native Apache Kafka service with 10x elasticity, storage, and resiliency.

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All the essential tools to build quickly, securely, and reliably

Complete: All the essential tools to build quickly, securely, and reliably

Learn how to create better development practices and unlock ease of search and discoverability for real-time data streams with Stream Governance and more.

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Seamlessly share data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments Image

Everywhere: Seamlessly share data across hybrid and multi-cloud environments

Learn how to get started with Cluster Linking, so you can easily share data in real time from Kafka clusters across all your environments—on-premises, across cloud providers, or a hybrid of both.

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As teams inevitably get asked to do more with less, Confluent can help by significantly reducing infrastructure costs, DevOps burdens, and downtime risk to save you 25% or more versus managing Kafka in-house.

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Confluent will beat your cost of running Kafka (or $100 on us)

Self-managing open source Kafka can consume valuable resources and tech spend. Take the Confluent Cost Savings Challenge to see how you can reduce your Kafka costs with Confluent.

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How much is Kafka costing you?

Estimate how much it’s costing you to run Kafka by inputting your own numbers across the key cost drivers.

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Forrester TEI study: Save $2.58M with Confluent Cloud

Don’t just take our word for it—read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ study to understand the benefits Confluent customers have gained from using Confluent Cloud vs. self-managing Kafka.

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“Confluent offers a complete, end-to-end data streaming platform with all the enterprise-grade capabilities we need to run mission-critical use cases. Over the last two years, we estimate they’ve helped us gain eight or nine months in terms of time-to-market for deploying Apache Kafka.”


“Things like spinning up Kafka clusters and getting prototypes up and running very quickly, Confluent has been really helpful there. Those sort of exercises might take a long time for my team to do if we were doing this on vanilla open source Kafka. With Confluent, we can turn that around very quickly.”

Expedia Group

“Confluent Cloud made it possible for us to meet our tight launch deadline with limited resources. With event streaming as a managed service, we had no costly hires to maintain our clusters and no worries about 24x7 reliability.”

Morgan Stanley

“Confluent has become a lynchpin to harness Apache Kafka for improved operational transparency and timely data-driven decisions. We are delighted with the improvements we have seen in the monitoring of our business flows, speeding up lending approvals, and providing better and more timely fraud analytics."

Big Commerce

“We started wondering, can we offload all of the management of Kafka—and still get all of the benefits of Kafka? That’s when Confluent came into the picture.”

Bank Rakyat

“We love open source, but at the same time we’re not a startup. We’re a large financial institution that works with world-class organizations, and we need services that make it easier for us to sleep at night. Confluent is very reliable; it’s never down. It has become our backbone.”