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Michelin Fuels Real-Time Inventory Management at Scale with Confluent

  • 35%

    savings from reduced Apache Kafka® operations costs


Michelin chose Kafka as the foundation for its real-time inventory management system. But maintaining Kafka infrastructure in-house proved to be operationally complex, time consuming, and expensive.


Michelin implemented Confluent Cloud’s fully managed Kafka service to streamline Kafka operations, free up cash flow, and achieve the scalability and resiliency needed to power its global inventory management system in the cloud.


  • Estimated 35% in cost savings from using Confluent Cloud, compared to on-premises operations
  • Reduced operational burden and increased engineering velocity by offloading heavy Kafka infrastructure maintenance
  • Resilient, highly available architecture with 99.99% uptime

“Confluent plays an integral role in accelerating our journey to becoming a data-first and digital business…We use Confluent Cloud as an essential piece of our data infrastructure to unlock data and stream it in real time.”

Yves Caseau | Group Chief Digital & Information Officer

In this video, Michelin shares how they partnered with Confluent to take their data architecture to the next level. Discover how Michelin made the transition from cumbersome, self-managed Kafka to Confluent's fully managed, cloud-native data streaming platform.


With a commercial supply chain that spans 170 countries, Michelin relies on a real-time inventory system to efficiently manage the flow of products and materials within their massive network. But with self-managed Apache Kafka underpinning their real-time use cases, they were soon met with scalability challenges and significant operations costs.

Michelin adopted Confluent Cloud to eliminate the need for Kafka infrastructure management and maintenance. With the help of Confluent’s fully managed, cloud-native platform, they were able to scale their real-time inventory system to meet global demand while cutting operations costs by 35%. This freed up the company’s teams to refocus their efforts on building innovative applications and overseeing the organization’s transition to the cloud.

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