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DriveCentric Builds Next-Generation Architecture for CRM with Confluent

"In addition to providing the performance, scalability, and resiliency that we require for this critical piece of our architecture, Confluent provides the expertise and operational support that lets us focus on building features that are going to help our customers sell more vehicles."

Chris Burriss


Enable continued rapid growth by addressing the scalability limitations of a legacy multilayered web application for automotive CRM.


Use Confluent to transition to a scalable microservices-based architecture oriented around data in motion.


  • Scalability for ongoing growth ensured
  • Peak workloads handled seamlessly
  • Focus on delivering value maintained
  • Development and production support simplified

As automotive dealerships navigate changes in consumer demand and a shift to remote sales due to the pandemic, the need for communication tools that enable effective customer engagement across all channels is becoming more acute. In an environment in which digital experiences are becoming more important than showroom experiences, DriveCentric meets this need with CRM technology that makes it easier for dealers to boost engagement, shorten sales cycles, and spur growth.

DriveCentric has a unique position in the market that has led to substantial growth recently. To meet the increased demand and its customers’ evolving needs, DriveCentric is transitioning its core product from a traditional multilayered web application oriented around data at rest to a more scalable microservices-based architecture oriented around data in motion with Confluent. As a fully managed cloud service, Confluent meets the stringent requirements of DriveCentric for reliability and security, while enabling DriveCentric teams to spend their time delivering value-added capabilities instead of managing infrastructure.

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