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Pan-European Stock Exchange Relies on Confluent to Power Event Driven Trading Platform

We have stringent requirements for realtime performance and reliability, and we have confirmed – from proof-of-concept to deployment of a cutting-edge production trading platform – that we made the right decision

Alain Courbebaisse | Chief Information Officer


Develop a new trading platform for markets across multiple European countries that sup- ports high-volume, high-speed trading and provides clients with access to real-time data.


Use Confluent Platform to implement a reliable, scalable persistence layer for market orders that supports millisecond latencies and billions of messages per day.


  • Reliable 24/5 operations achieved and maintained
  • Stringent performance requirements exceeded
  • Dedicated, expert support received

As the first pan-European exchange – spanning Belgium, France, Ireland, the Netherlands, Portugal and the UK – Euronext operates regulated securities and derivatives markets in Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon and Paris, as well as a regulated securities market in Ireland and the UK. Euronext recently developed a new event-driven trading platform, Optiq®, that provides a tenfold increase in capacity and an average performance latency of as low as 15 micro-seconds for order roundtrip as well as for market data. 
 Underpinning the Optiq platform is a persistence layer that the Euronext development organization built using Confluent Platform. Confluent Platform provides a reliable, scalable streaming infrastructure for Optiq that supports millisecond latencies with no messages lost.

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