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Picnic Modernizes Data Architecture with Confluent for Streaming Analytics

Picnic is Europe’s fastest-growing online-only supermarket, currently operating in France,the Netherlands, and Germany. The company relies heavily on data-driven decisions to provide the lowest-price guarantee to its customers. Picnic processes more than 300 million unique events per week from customer applications (i.e., shopping applications) and internal systems to power predictive analytics in their data warehouse.

Picnic’s blazing-fast growth, attributable to consumer demand, industry recognition, and a successful series B funding, underpinned the need to seek out a better performing and more reliable data streaming platform, as well as improved streaming analytics capabilities.

That’s when Picnic turned to Confluent.



Address legacy tech-related operational overhead and scalability issues to allow for better customer behavior analytics and improve internal processes.


Confluent Cloud to save time and money by reducing operational overhead and allowing for real-time processing and easy scalability of event data.


  • Reduced infrastructure costs by 40%
  • Simplified, future-proof data architecture
  • Improved infrastructure monitoring for better SLAs and system health
  • Elimination of data loss

Dima Kalashnikov

Technical Lead

Confluent provides exactly what we dreamed of: an ecosystem of tools to source and sink data from data streams. It’s provided us not only with great data pipeline agility and flexibility but also a highly simplified infrastructure that’s allowed us to reduce costs.