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A Modern Retailer With an Outdated Data Infrastructure

With over 1,400 stores nationwide, Sainsbury’s is the UK’s second largest supermarket chain. Operating since 1869, it’s become a household name and an icon of British retail. But legacy IT systems and data silos were stalling out initiatives to optimize the customer shopping experience, preventing the retailer from innovating as fast as it wanted to.

Adopting a Cloud-Native Approach to Data Architecture

Sainsbury’s needed a system that could manage, store, and process enormous volumes of data in real time to jumpstart their digital transformation journey. Confluent provided the retailer with a fully-managed data streaming platform that was able to free up data from legacy systems and allow Sainsbury’s to transition to a truly cloud-native configuration.

Impressive Results Fueled by Confluent Cloud and Real-Time Data

With Confluent Cloud deployed across its logistics, supply chain, and commercial business functions, Sainsbury’s has unlocked the power of real-time data streams in the cloud. The retail juggernaut can now connect physical actions to digital outcomes instantly, allowing it to react to situations in real time and accelerate decision making cycles.

With Confluent Cloud, Sainsbury’s has:

  • Observed notable cost savings across the entire supply chain
  • More than doubled the efficiency of engineering development thanks to real-time data streams
  • Saved 20+ hours of sprint time with managed support from Confluent