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Build Fully Managed Data Pipelines with MongoDB Atlas and Confluent

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Today’s data sources are fast-moving and dispersed, which can leave businesses and engineers struggling to deliver data and applications in real-time. While this can be hard, we know it doesn’t have to be - because we’ve already made it easy.

With source and sink connectors deployed with just a few clicks, Confluent and MongoDB Atlas are making it simple to stream data from any source directly into MongoDB, regardless of which cloud you use. Our fully managed solution, built on Apache Kafka, brings forward the best of the multi-cloud document database service, MongoDB Atlas, by filling it with real-time data. Together, we can set your data in motion, and with that, help you build fast moving applications enriched with historical context and gain insights that give your business a competitive advantage.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • What challenges exist with disconnected data sources and legacy systems
  • How businesses are leveraging best-in-class streaming and database technologies to address modern business expectations
  • How to build robust and reactive modern data pipelines and applications with a fully managed service


Robert Walters

Director of IoT

Robert Walters is a Product Manager at MongoDB responsible for various tools, connectors and "things". Robert has published the MongoDB IoT Reference Architecture, spoken at many conferences including IoT World, MongoDB World and AzureFest. Robert's career spans over 20 years in technology. Previous to MongoDB, Rob spent 17 years at Microsoft working in various roles including program management on the SQL Server team, consulting, and technical pre-sales. Rob has co-authored three patents for technologies used within SQL Server and was the lead author of several technical books on SQL Server. When not thinking about MongoDB, Rob provides fire suppression and emergency medical care as an on-call Firefighter and EMT for his local community.

Nathan Nam

Senior Product Manager, Connectors

Nathan Nam is a Senior Product Manager for Kafka Connect and connectors at Confluent. Previously, he worked at MuleSoft as a product manager and held various roles at Samsung Electronics. He holds an MBA from Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth and an MIDS from UC Berkeley.

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