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SumUp Scales for Success with a Data Mesh Built on Confluent Cloud

Our vision for our data strategy is to use data effectively and efficiently across the organization to deliver value for our business and for our customers. We’re using Confluent to leverage data to create business value and help SumUp become a more data-driven company.

Vinod Chelladurai | Principal Data Engineer
SumUp Testimonial


Restructuring a fintech company’s data ownership and management model to improve data quality, support faster innovation, and enable more responsive, data-driven decision-making across the organization.


Adopting Confluent Cloud, a fully managed Apache Kafka® service, to remove bottlenecks and implement data mesh principles to enable product innovation, developer productivity, and the creation of trusted, reusable data products.


  • Enabled SumUp to introduce an event-driven data platform architecture, allowing the company to shift to decentralized, self-service data access.
  • Streamlined data streaming adoption across the organization, allowing more than 20 teams to use streaming data to implement real-time analytics use cases like fraud detection and personalized recommendations for merchants.
  • Allowed risk platform, customer relationship management, banking service, and other teams to build reusable data products to power valuable use cases for internal users and customers, today and tomorrow.

Today’s small businesses have unique requirements but fewer resources than that of mid-size or enterprise organizations. Since its inception in 2012, fintech company SumUp has provided these small businesses with an easy-to-use payments solution designed to level the playing field.

Over the last decade, the company rapidly transitioned from a lean startup to a late-stage scaleup capable of providing its merchant customers with a variety of robust services. As SumUp grew, the variety of internal systems, customer-facing products, and business functions it accumulated gradually made its data more siloed—making it more difficult to access and process at the speed the business demands.

To realize its vision toward data-driven decision-making, SumUp has implemented data mesh principles—including federated governance, data as a product, self-service infrastructure, and domain ownership—to modernize its architecture and its approach to data management. Over the last two years, Confluent Cloud has become integral to provide internal teams with the trusted, shareable data products they need to accelerate innovation and business growth.

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