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Alight Solutions

Alight Solutions Increases the Pace of Digital Deliveries with a Unified Data Platform

Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth and human capital management solutions, recently embarked on an initiative to align the company’s internal organization with its next-generation digital strategy.

The strategy was adopted to reduce barriers to enterprise innovation and accelerate the pace at which Alight brings new digital products to the marketplace. As part of this initiative, Alight developed a low-latency, single view of the customer application using Confluent Platform.


Integrate data from numerous back-end systems into a forward cache to improve performance, simplify consumer-facing application development, and reduce demand on costly mainframes.


Use Confluent Platform and Apache Kafka to implement scalable, secure streaming data pipelines that refresh data in the cache in near real-time


  • Mainframe costs reduced
  • Delivery of new solutions accelerated
  • Platform established for future expansion
  • Facilitate Innovation

Chris Roberts

Vice President Enterprise Architecture
Alight Solutions

One of the things we did right on this project was work with Confluent early on.

Creating new opportunities for innovation

“We partnered with Confluent to build what we’ve named our ‘Unified Data Platform,’ which is a forward cache of all of the various data sources that we use to service our customers,” explains Chris Roberts, Vice President Enterprise Architecture at Alight. “As the primary source of individual consumer data for our customer-facing solutions, the Unified Data Platform is a foundational component to our future state architecture – one that is lowering costs, reducing complexity, increasing the speed at which we can deliver products, and creating new opportunities for innovation.”