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SulAmérica Adopts Event-Driven Architecture to Scale Faster and Digitally Transform

“With Confluent, we’ve achieved even more than what we’d hoped for just by being able to organize our information and make it flow without interruption. That was something mind-blowing for us, because our reality before was just the opposite—everything was difficult and manual and everything eventually broke. So we’ve gained a marvelous tool to solve our problems and we’re now trying to demonstrate the power and value of Confluent to other teams in our organization.”

Reynaldo Perez | R&D Leader, Solutions Architecture


Design an interoperability platform to supercharge internal use of CRM data and introduce modern, event-driven architecture to a large organization working in a highly regulated industry.


Confluent Cloud for an agile, enterprise-grade, streaming data platform that eliminates reliance on legacy databases and batch processing to unlock the full value of real-time data and analytics.


  • Quick, easy construction of a powerful interoperability platform
  • Nearly 300x faster time for data to get to the CRM
  • Enhanced IT productivity, agility, and scalability
  • Seamless, uninterrupted flow of information through the tech stack

As a company that’s been around for a very long time, SulAmérica faces the same challenges many older and entrenched companies face: legacy technology’s ever-decreasing effectiveness and difficulty scaling to meet new customer demands, while modern, cloud-native competitors jump in to disrupt the market.

The company relied on batch processing and handling events through databases, but this wasn’t working well to handle the rapidly increasing amount of continuous streams of data being generated by the doctors and patients served by SulAmérica’s clients, which are primarily hospitals. The data flows were constantly getting broken and interrupted, and the data wasn’t getting to the CRM fast enough to maintain its value.

In mid-2019, SulAmérica started working with Confluent Cloud to improve its IT architecture and make the most of its data. The company had been working with brokers such as Apache ActiveMQ for a long time but needed something more powerful.

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