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Arcese Group Evolves Into a Logistics Operator with a Digital Heart

Our internal platform is totally based on Kafka communication between all the pillars, so it’s like a nervous system for us.

Massimiliano Catapano | Chief Technology Officer


In a highly competitive market with very low margins and a lot of room for error, Arcese sought a way to differentiate itself from competitors by offering better reporting and lower latency.


Build a custom, cloud-based transportation management system (TMS) with event-driven architecture as the paradigm and Kafka as the foundation, that can gather all kinds of data from various customers and sources and feed back shipping status instantly.


  • Time to move track-and-trace data through pipeline has reduced from 45-50 mins to less than one
  • Knowing where goods are in every moment reduces risk of penalties from customers with JIT processes
  • Accurate forecasting available with potential of predictive analytics
  • Learning and self-development opportunities for IT team, as well as being able to focus on more value-add activities for the business
  • Eliminated operational burden and created cost-savings with lower FTE and resource allocation for managing Kafka
Arcese Hero image

Arcese Group is an Italian logistics company operating road, freight, air, and sea services all over the world. Customized supply chain solutions are managed from a network of offices around the globe, but really, the most important location is the cloud.

Data visibility is a valuable commodity to customers because they need to plan their inbound and outbound logistics around Arcese’s logistics services. Particularly for customers with just- in-time (JIT) processes, such as automotive companies, where five minutes of latency pushes the limits of what is acceptable. It’s not uncommon for incredibly steep penalties to be written into contracts—to the tune of thousands of euros per minute. This issue of precise timing is a technology complication that can ultimately determine survival in the logistics world.

In a highly competitive market with tiny margins and a lot of room for error, Arcese sought a way to differentiate themselves.

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