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DKV Mobility Accelerates Innovation with Confluent Cloud

Confluent Cloud has become the technological success factor for DKV Mobility to drive the transition towards a sustainable future of mobility.

Tobias Gockel | Platform Team Manager
DKV Mobility


Streamlining management of data streaming pipelines to scale development of real-time digital products to deliver a more compelling, competitive experience for B2B mobility customers.


Using Confluent Cloud, a fully managed cloud-native solution with pre-built connectors, to overcome operational roadblocks and accelerate real-time innovation.


Enabled real-time payments and transaction processing for on-the-road insights Accelerated development with self-service cluster management capabilities Eliminated costly downtime during a six-month-long cloud migration initiative

DKV Mobility

Founded in 1934, DKV Mobility has a long history of providing its customers with mobility services and processes that are fundamental to their everyday routines. Whether businesses need energy, toll or mobility solutions or VAT refund, DKV Mobility continually transforms its platform business to meet the demands facing customers today and their challenges tomorrow.

DKV Mobility currently provides approximately 301,000 active customers, across more than 50 service countries, with intelligent solutions, reliably helping businesses efficiently and cost-effectively stay mobile. As the leading European B2B platform for on-the-road payments and solutions, DKV Mobility is renowned for putting the customer first. To continue this legacy, the company’s Customer Product Services (CPS) department began leveraging real-time data to enhance their digital, customer-facing products.

Initially, DKV Mobility built real-time data streams with Apache Kafka®, which allowed the company to create some of the responsive digital experiences their customers needed. Over time, however, the CPS department’s progress slowed as Kafka became a bottleneck instead of an advantage. To keep pace with the evolution of smart, sustainable mobility and execute the company’s long-term growth strategy, DKV Mobility turned to Confluent for a state-of-the-art way forward.

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