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How to Build a Streaming Data Mesh with Confluent

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Ready to turn data mess into a data mesh? Much has been shared on the fundamentals of data mesh, but how do you go about adopting a data mesh as a practitioner? And leverage streaming data pipelines across your architecture?

We’ll show you how to implement the four key principles of data mesh with Confluent and make the organizational and technical changes you’re going to need to achieve higher data feature velocity and accelerated data value capture.

You can expect to take away:

  • How to use Confluent connectors, stream processing, and Stream Governance to implement a successful data mesh.
  • How to turn raw real-time data into high-quality data products, and make them easily discoverable and accessible across your organization.
  • How to create organizational best practices and a Data Streaming Center of Excellence.
  • How to create a winning strategy to gain broad adoption of your streaming data mesh.

Join us in this implementation webinar—with Q&A—as we show you how to best put principles of data mesh into practice.


Travis Hoffman

Staff Advisory Architect, Confluent

In his role, Travis is a Data Streaming Advisor at Confluent who helps enterprises of all sizes get their data in motion in a data mesh. He guides them through every stage of the process, evolving their organizations, their practices, their architecture, and their technology.

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