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Customer Story

Hear firsthand accounts from Symphony, Wix and others about how Infinite Storage with Confluent empowered their day-to-day jobs

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10X Storage Features

Infinite Retention

Retain all historical and current events with no limits and make Kafka the source of truth

Compute Decoupling

Avoid unnecessary infra costs for high storage use cases by decoupling compute

Elastic Storage

Auto-scale storage based on retention policy and traffic to prevent downtime or data loss

Pay as you go

Pay only for the retained data, not any pre-provisioned excess storage capacity

Data Integrity

Avoid data durability issues with proactive and robust real-time auditing services

Stream Governance

Deliver high-quality event streams and uncover insights into how your data is used

Experience 10x storage

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. No credit card required.

Experience 10X Storage

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Webinar: Retain Data Infinitely Without Operational Burdens

Join us on September 29 to learn about the considerations for storing the right amount of data in Kafka, and how Confluent Cloud relieves these burdens

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Infinite storage in Confluent Cloud for Apache Kafka

Learn what unlimited storage unlocks in Confluent Cloud from Confluent co-founder Jun Rao

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It’s OK to store data in Apache Kafka

Our CEO and co-founder Jay Kreps breaks down the benefits of storing data in Kafka

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