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Discover What Enables 10x Elasticity

Serverless Clusters

Instantly provisioned, elastically scaling clusters to meet any use case, with no complex sizing

Expand and Shrink

Expand to meet peak customer demands and shrink to avoid overprovisioned resources

Infinite Storage

Scale your compute and storage resources independently with decoupled layers


Meet traffic surges effortlessly without latency or downtime

Apache Kafka® on Kubernetes

Bring the elastic scale benefits of the cloud to your premises with Confluent Platform

Pay as you go

Scale to meet your consumer demands, and pay only for what you use when you use it

Customer Success

Customer Story

Hear firsthand accounts from, Symphony, and Wix about how their businesses benefited from Confluent's 10x faster and easier elastic scaling

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Experience 10x elasticity

Deploy in minutes. Pay as you go. Available on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. No credit card required.

Experience Elasticity

Explore more of Confluent's elasticity resources

How cluster scaling is made 10x easier with Confluent Cloud

Learn about how Confluent Cloud relieves manual burdens and makes scaling Kafka clusters 10x easier

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Scaling Apache Kafka to 10+ GB per second in Confluent Cloud

Scale to massive throughput for your Kafka clusters with Confluent Cloud

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Podcast: Scaling Apache Kafka clusters on Confluent Cloud

Our engineers and product managers explain in detail how the architecture of Confluent Cloud supports elasticity

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