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From monoliths to microservices: building event-driven systems

The secret to modernizing monoliths and scaling microservices across your organization?

An event-driven architecture.

In this e-book, we’ll discuss

  • How to modernize monoliths using microservices in a scalable way
  • Benefits of microservices architecture
  • Challenges with current approaches to microservices development and application modernization
  • The evolution of event-driven architecture and the major benefits they provide for seamless microservices communication
  • How event-driven microservices works, and how it’s used at scale
  • You’ll also see how five organizations across a wide range of industries leveraged Confluent to build a new class of event-driven microservices—to completely decouple services from one another and to rapidly build and deploy data-streaming applications at scale.

With our help, you can too.

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Additional Resources

cc demo
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Image-Event-Driven Microservices-01

Additional Resources

cc demo
kafka microservices