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Confluent and Databricks

A complete real-time event streaming and analytics solution that helps companies make faster and better data driven decisions.

Together, Databricks and Confluent form a powerful and complete data solution, focused on helping companies operate at scale in real-time. With Confluent and Databricks developers can create real-time applications, enable microservices and leverage multiple data sources driving better business outcomes.

Why Confluent with Databricks?

Together, Confluent and Databricks deliver three joint pillars essential to driving business.

Scalability & Performance

Kafka + Confluent Platform scales and delivers trillions of events per day, analyzed at petabyte scale by Databricks.

Business Transformation

Digital transformation with Confluent and Databricks breaks down silos, enabling data access across the enterprise.

Fast, Efficient, Reliable Data

Users enjoy increased efficiency, productivity and data availability, all while lowering costs.

Confluent and Databricks Architecture Diagram

Confluent and Databricks Architecture Diagram

Use Cases

Confluent and Databricks Use Cases

Databricks and Confluent work across various industries with organizations that leverage our joint solution integrations. They can then apply advanced analytics to large volumes of customer and transaction data to reduce risk, boost returns and improve customer satisfaction.



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