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Tame Your Mainframe Data and Make It Instantly Accessible

Use your mainframe data in real time to derive operational insights, power your cloud applications and systems while lowering MIPS (Millions of Instructions Per Second) costs by up to 50% and CHINIT (Channel Initiator) costs by up to 90%.

Bring real-time access to mainframes

Reduce reliance on batch processing on IBM zSystems. Capture and continuously stream mainframe data in real-time to power your new applications with minimal latency.

Accelerate application development times

Equip your developers to build state-of-the-art, cloud-native applications with instant access to ready-to-use mainframe data.

Increase the ROI of your IBM zSystems

Redirect requests away from mainframes and acheive a significant reduction in MIPS and CHINIT consumption costs.

Future-proof your architecture

Whether you want to leave your mainframe intact, migrate certain workloads, or offload completely, pave your own path with an incremental, risk-free migration strategy.

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Alight Solutions

Streaming data from the mainframe with a forward cache

“Our mainframe-based environment is significant and we have to scale it up to meet peak demand during our peak season. The [Confluent-based] UDP platform enabled us to lower costs by offloading work to the forward cache and reducing demand on our mainframe systems."

Chris Roberts, Vice President, Enterprise Architecture

How Confluent Can Help

With Confluent running on the IBM z Integrated Information Processor (zIIP), you can build data streaming pipelines from your mainframe to cloud applications and unlock endless business outcomes.

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Use our rich ecosystem of connectors to integrate and correlate data from your mainframes with numerous other hybrid and multicloud data sources and multiplex it to one or more destinations of your choice.


Continuously process IBM zSystems data at scale with native stream processing to join, enrich, or aggregate streams in-flight and respond to events in real time. Enriched streams can be shared with any downstream system.


Govern your data streaming pipelines to meet internal and external regulatory requirements while ensuring the quality of your mainframe data. Spend less time wondering if you are looking at trustworthy data and more time delivering innovative cloud applications.

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