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Stand up to the Dinosaur: Mainframe Integration, Offloading and Replacement with Apache Kafka

Mainframes are still hard at work, processing over 70 percent of the world’s most essential computing transactions every day. Very high cost, monolithic architectures, and missing experts are the key challenges for mainframe applications. Time to get more innovative, even with the mainframe!

Mainframe offloading with Apache Kafka and its ecosystem can be used to keep a more modern data store in real-time sync with the mainframe. At the same time, it is persisting the event data on the bus to enable microservices, and deliver the data to other systems such as data warehouses and search indexes.

But the final goal and ultimate vision are to replace the mainframe by new applications using modern and less costly technologies. Stand up to the dinosaur, but keep in mind that legacy migration is a journey! Kai will guide you to the next step of your company’s evolution!

You will learn:

- how to not only reduce operational expenses but provide a path for architecture modernization, agility and eventually mainframe replacement
- what steps some of Confluent’s customers already took, leveraging technologies like Change Data Capture (CDC) or MQ for mainframe offloading
- how an event streaming platform enables cost reduction, architecture modernization, and a combination of a mainframe with new technologies

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