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Show Me How: Streaming Data Pipelines from Your IBM Mainframe

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Mainframes are fundamental to mission-critical applications across a range of industries. They’re reliable, secure, and able to manage huge volumes of concurrent transactions.

Despite their usefulness, however, they’ve proven to be difficult to integrate into more modern, cloud-based architectures. This is because accessing mainframe data can be difficult (due to complex, legacy COBOL code developed over years), risky (due to the sensitivity of making changes to business-critical applications), and expensive (due to consumption and networking billing). Ultimately, this makes innovating with mainframe data more challenging.

This is where streaming data pipelines come in.

By building streaming data pipelines from the mainframe, you unlock mainframe data for use in real-time applications across cloud-native, distributed systems, without causing any disruption to existing mission-critical workloads. By creating a forward cache of your mainframe data, you also significantly reduce mainframe costs.

In this hands-on session, we’ll show you how to:

  • Connect Confluent Cloud to z/OS via both fully managed and self-managed IBM MQ connectors
  • Use CloudFormation to spin up ZD&T—for z/OS emulation on AWS
  • Use Confluent Ansible playbooks to install Confluent on z/OS and configure for integration with Confluent Cloud

Prerequisite: Access to a physical mainframe is not required for this session; however, a license is required from IBM in order to use ZD&T. In this Show Me How, we go over all the steps required once you’ve obtained the license.

We'll have a Q&A to answer any of your questions at the end of the session. Register today and learn how to build your own streaming data pipelines from an IBM mainframe.

Jeff runs the technical marketing team at Confluent, which is responsible for producing material for technical practitioners such as demos, reference architectures, examples and blogs for activities such as solutions launches, product releases and keynotes. Jeff has over 25 years of experience in the industry as a software engineer, partner solutions architect, trainer and technical marketer with emphases on stream processing, event streaming and data infrastructure.

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