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Mainframe Modernization with Confluent

Leverage Confluent’s data in motion platform to gain real-time insights from mainframe data without incurring the complexity and expense that come with sending ongoing queries to mainframe databases

Modernizing Mainframes for Real-Time

From order processing to financial transactions, inventory control to payroll, mainframes continue to support many mission-critical applications, still performing the majority of batch processing for many enterprises. Data-driven enterprises need real-time access to mainframe data to feed distributed applications, microservices and other business operations, and to enable organizations to use all their data for competitive advantage.

Confluent enables you to combine data from mainframes with real-time data across the rest of your organization to increase the benefits of both.


Augment with Apache Kafka to build a more modern data-store and keep it in real-time sync with the mainframe.


Reduce overall operational expenses while providing a path for architectural modernization.


Enable event-driven microservices and deliver to other systems such as data warehouses and search indexes.

How Confluent Can Help

Drive Real-Time Insights on Mainframe

Reduce reliance on batch processing. Capture mainframe data in real-time for fast analytics and business intelligence with minimal latency. Correlate with other data to drive the needs of the digital enterprise.

Modernize and Drive Efficiency

Reduce the complexity of legacy technology that's deeply interwoven with the specific logic of the business. Extend core mainframe applications with modern distributed applications by making the data readily available with event streaming.

Reduce Cost of Data Access

Save MIPS related license fees while seamlessly scaling your deployment to service your rapidly growing digital service loads.

See Confluent in Action

You’re only as good as the experiences you create. Confluent allows organizations to process mainframe data along with real-time inventory, fraud detection, IoT diagnostics, and analytics, among many more possibilities. Whether your organization needs simple pub/sub messaging, real-time data analytics, or a complete digital transformation, our data in motion platform brings a myriad of benefits for the new era of big data.

confluent - where apache kafka fits in event streaming platform


Broad Connectivity

Utilize a broad array of source and sink connectivity to empower modern applications

Mainframe Data to Real-Time

Apache Kafka can act as a buffer between mainframe data and modern applications, enabling complete integration without substantial re-architecture or rewrite

Stream Processing Capabilities

Combine with streaming data from a variety of sources with mainframe data, enriching and curating midstream using ksqlDB

Advanced Analytics

Use Confluent’s stream processing capabilities to apply advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities to mainframe data.

On-Prem or Cloud

Sync mainframe data to a fully managed event streaming service and reduce overall operational costs while increasing agility

Partner Ecosystem

Access mainframe data using connectors and integrations from numerous verified partners, including both CDC and direct mainframe modernization solutions

How Alight used Confluent to Accelerate Digital Transformation


Alight Solutions, a leader in technology-enabled health, wealth and human capital management solutions, used Confluent to align the company's internal organization with its next-generation digital strategy to reduce barriers to enterprise innovation and accelerate new digital products to the marketplace.

Trusted by 80% of the Fortune 100

Originally built by the founders of Confluent, Apache Kafka is used by 80% of the Fortune 100 to modernize their infrastructure with scalable data integration, real-time pipelines, and event stream processing, to big data analytics and machine learning.


Bank of America Honors Confluent for helping re-architect its infrastructure with an event streaming platform

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